1980's Clothing collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


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- Fly High Leather Jacket Aeropostale silver astronaut like jacket which is reversible to a black fleece
Union Bay Pullover Fleece Jacket 1986 GUESS Leather Jacket GUESS Leather Jacket all black
GUESS black acid washed jean jacket GUESS blue acid washed jean jacket GUESS dark blue sweatshirt
GUESS white dress shirt GUESS striped blue & white dress shirt GUESS dress shirt
GUESS black & white dress shirt GUESS dress shirt GUESS sweat shirt
GUESS MEN cardigan in pastel baby blue and white Guess Cardigan striped gray and black U Men sweatshirt
Benetton Cardigan in pastel pink U Men Cardigan in pastel pink 1987 GENERRA SPORT Collection Dress shirt in red

GUESS of California Malibu Beach long sleeve t-shirt

Z Cavaricci t-shirt GUESS overalls
GUESS shirt GUESS shirt GUESS shirt
GUESS oversized ladies t-shirt Pac-Man Fever t-shirt GUESS t-shirt
Spiderman Underoos Top t-shirt RARE UNUSED OFFICIAL 1982 ATARI ACTIVISION Starmaster Contest Video Game T-Shirt promotion. NOTE: This is not some cheap fan home made knock-off. We purchased 4 total NOS from an electronics and video game distributor in TX. More info can be found here http://the-greatest-american-hero.com/activisiontgahcontest.html Return of the Jedi Speeder Bikes t-shirt
GUESS Dress Slacks GUESS Acidwashed jeans GUESS Jeans
GIRBAUD Jeans baggy overalls GUESS Jeans GIRBAUD Jeans
GIRBAUD Stonewashed Jeans Aeropostale t-shirt Aeropostale t-shirt
Crazy Shirts HAWAII t-shirt BOHIKa Surf t-shirt BOHIKA SAFARI  t-shirt
Island Snow HAWAII tank top Island Snow HAWAII t-shirt Quicksilver tank top
Vuarnet France t-shirt Vuarnet France t-shirt -

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