1983-1984 AUTOMAN TV collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


My name is Automan. On a scale of 1 to 10 think of me as a 11 :-) Otto J Man
WANTED! Where's the screen used AUTOMAN TV Costume outfit?! Last known sighting documented @ Camden House Auction House May 20, 1989 Los Angeles --SEE PICS BELOW--

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ABOUT: Short lived TV show which debuted on Dec. 1983 till April 1984. Lasted 1 season (13 episodes). Link to episode guide. A re-birth or copy (however you may call it) of TRON onto your TV screen. Same producers as TRON but this time the adventure is outside the computer vs TRON which was inside the computer. The story is about a police computer expert or genius Walter Nebicher played by Desi Arnaz Jr. (owner of the Boulder City Ballet Company in Nevada http://bcballetco.org/) whose bored of desk work so he created a crime-fighting video game or hologram which comes to life and proved to be more then his worthy partner in cracking the toughest of cases. AUTOMAN played by Chuck Wagner's Official Website was programmed by Walter Nebicher which first started as a video game then became a full fledge super detective slash superhero. Who can forget the glowing blue costume, the funky high heeled boots. Also his partner in crime: The cool womanizing computer byte partner * "Cursor" who communicates in bleeps (computer language only understood by Automan). Cursor was basically a maintenance management software that assisted Automan throughout the episodes. She was a computerized system that handle CMMS for the show. We cannot forget to mention the vehicles made by cursor to catch those baddies: "Autocar" sleek black Lamborghini LP400 with glow blue highlights which can do 90 degree turns + weave in and out of traffic with ease ala the TRON light cycle Grid scene. Lastly the Autocycle, Autocopter and Autojet. The show was complete with amazing live action scenes. The action and fight scenes were well done and choreographed. Almost as if they had been practiced in a dance studio. Although short lived, the show was memorable. Now for the remaining cast: Capt. Boyd (Gerald O'Loughlin) old school police captain who does not believe in computer aided police work and is constantly berating Walter verbally. Next we have Lt. Jack Curtis (late Robert Lansing *RIP*) a no nonsense honest cop who works with Walter's computer knowledge & Automan's aided tips to catch the bad guys. Lastly Walter's girlfriend, the beautiful Officer Roxanne (Heather McNair) who believes in Walter and knows the secret of his video game crime fighter. Now the adventure begins...

| ABC Press Kit & misc. Photo Archive | Up Front & Personal with Chuck Wagner meet/interview |

NOTE: ALL autographed items were obtained in person by the wife and I. Our meet & interview (SEE ABOVE)

NEW PICTURES ARE HERE. These are featured in the Official AUTOMAN DVD release by Fabulous Films Ltd on Oct 1, 2012.

AUTOMAN signed photo given to us for our participation in the Collectibles Gallery section on the DVD.
  • Signed by Heather McNair, Chuck Wagner, Desi Arnaz Jr and Glen A Larson.

  • Custom framing in the future.

Official AUTOMAN DVD TV series released by Fabulous Films Ltd UK.
  • Our 2 seconds of fame credited on the rear DVD sleeve :-)

Personal letter from Chuck Wagner himself :-)
  • This made my day.

  • FYI he also actually called us @ home to chat!

  • Memories $$ can't buy.

  • We have to thank Chucks parents for setting this up.

screen used remnant Autocar striping material (donated by Chuck Wagner himself)
  • Yes, this is the material that was used on the Lamborghini LP400 to create that glow blue effect!

  • My best friend Robert Gonzalez did the beautiful custom shadowboxing you see here.

Supposed pre-concept drawing of AUTOMAN on an animation cel type material.
  1. Very unique nevertheless.

  2. One of the 1st items we found on ebay back in 1997 :-)

  3. Purchased this from eBay seller Populuxe.

1984 UK Acamas Toys AUTOMAN Autocopter Wristcopter watch


  • This is the only one known in existence!!

  • May send this off to AFA grading to encapsulate in a UV Archival case.

SOLD as we don't need 2 in our personal collection! CARDED 1984 UK Acamas Toys AUTOMAN Autocar Lamborghini Countach LP400 battery-operated with lights autographed by Chuck Wagner in person.
  • Purchased this MINT SEALED but we opened ours!!


  • Thanks to James Bullock of Empire Toys and now ToyRocket for selling this rarity to us.

  • Only 5 known in existence as of Jan 3, 2014. Thanks to the crazy collectors in Italy: Cris Rucco & Albert!

  • Selling as i found a sealed Autocar recently :-)

  • All else is MINT condition but the chassis. Plastic had cracks and was restored from my friend whom worked for Galoob Hasbro Back in the day.

  • Solely a display piece. I would not run it as too fragile. Lights and motor does work an operate and was tested a very long time ago when we bought this.

  • This have been sitting inside a climate controlled room inside an IKEA Detolf collectibles showcase.

  • Signature of Chuck Wagner was obtained in person here in San Francisco at DATE & TIME : August 18,1999 [6:30 PM to 7:30 PM]. Location: Orpheum Theatre in SF, CA (Jeckyll & Hyde Tour)

  • NOTE: This toy is featured in the Official UK Automan TV DVD release by Fabulous Film Ltd UK on Oct 1, 2012. Collectibles extras feature section. So my 2 seconds of fame :-)



1984 UK Acamas Toys AUTOMAN Autocar Lamborghini Countach LP400
  • MINT on Factory SEALED CARD

  • Keeping this one on display in our showcases

  • This makes #5 in existence as of  Jan 3, 2014

  • This came from overseas

  • BETTER pics to come!

  • May send this off to AFA grading to encapsulate in a UV Archival case.

1984 UK Acamas AUTOMAN Autocar Lamborghini Countach LP400 battery-operated with lights.
  • This 4WD conversion was done by a collector in Italy: Albert.

  • This item belongs to that gentleman.

  • Would have loved to buy this for our collection even with this conversion.

1984 UK Acamas AUTOMAN Chuck Wagner  5.5" Action Figure autographed and personalized to the wife and I :-)
AFA 75 UK 1984 ACAMAS AUTOMAN Chuck Wagner 5.5" action figure MINT on UNPUNCHED CARD  
1984 UK Acamas AUTOMAN Chuck Wagner 5.5" Action Figure, loose SOLD
1984 UK Acamas AUTOMAN Chuck Wagner Children Costume Halloween Set autographed.
  • TIDBIT: Acamas reused the STAR WARS Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill mask to save on costs vs building one to Chuck Wagner likeness!

  • Beautiful box art

1983 Ja-Ru AUTOMAN Binoculars NO. 577 autographed  
1983 Ja-Ru AUTOMAN Brief Case set NO. 580 autographed
  • (2 versions) OK What the hell is going on here?

  • 1 version comes with a Pink briefcase? ;-p

1983 Ja-Ru AUTOMAN Flashlite NO. 575 autographed
1983 Ja-Ru AUTOMAN Money set NO. 579 autographed
1983 Ja-Ru AUTOMAN Print Ink Pad Stamp set NO. 578
UK Bug Byte AUTOMAN computer game for the Commodore 64
custom 1 of a kind MEGO like 8" Automan doll
  • custom artwork box and Holographic prism decal sticker sheet used for the starfield effects.

  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez

custom 1 of a kind MEGO like AUTOMAN doll box original artwork template
  • autographed by my best friend Robert Gonzalez and by Chuck Wagner

custom 1 of a kind boxed AUTOMAN Autocopter and Autocar diecast toy set.
  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez

custom 1 of a kind AUTOMAN non-sport wrapper & card autographed by Chuck Wagner.
  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez.

  • Would love to see a 13 card set.

  • 1 scene per episode :-) One can wish.

1997 Tyco 16" R/C Radio Controlled Lamborghini Countach

  • converted to AUTOMAN Autocar with industrial strength glow blue tape highlight lines.

  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez

custom 1 of a kind AUTOMAN Autocar converted from a cheap R/C Lamborghini Countach
  • with glow in the dark blue lines.

  • Painted with glow blue paint by me!

  • Sticker Wheel highlights!

  • Pre eBay and internet times.

  • No products avail so we made our own.

Bought the box & artwork from eBay without the VHS tape media as we have the episodes uncut original airings from our personal collection which have long been archived to DVD format for preservation.

DO NOT EMAIL US & ASK for copies! We will delete your email!

May 1983 20th Century Fox AUTOMAN TV publicity promo 8" x 10" autographed cards. Promoting the  2 hour movie pilot for TV. 2 qty donated by Chuck Wagner :-)
20th Century Fox complete original press kit with slides and pertinent paperwork. Stills from the kit @ the Photo Archive    
custom AUTOMAN Autocar converted from a Tyco Slot Car Lamborghini Countach Autocar
  • with glow blue paint striping highlights and sticker wheelcovers.

  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez

1983 CBS Toys AUTOMAN Electric slot racing SET slot car or slotcar
  • 100% complete with all instruction sheet, cardboard building, both ramp coverings, spare slotcar parts and UNUSED blue striping highlight decal sheet for the center of the tracks

  • Made in England by CBS Toys

  • model 76-001

  • UK issue only!

  • VERY VERY RARE! As of today only 5 found and we had 2 of them!

  • 13' 6" of slotted track!

  • CBS Toys practically reused all the tracks and related items from the Ideal Dukes of Hazzard set from the US!! The differences: 220V AC adapter with UK plug, outer packaging of course, General Lee body replaced with the Autocar aka Lamborghini LP400 and the cardboard city bridge scenes is a computer center. Also included was a BLUE striping decal sheet to accent the center of the tracks.

  • NOTE: We bought a loose US release Ideal Dukes of Hazzard slotcar set just for the US spec AC adapter.

UK AUTOMAN Puzzle (2 different designs )
Canadian TV Guide teleguide Febuary 5 to 18, 1984
UK AUTOMAN TV Novel by Martin Noble
  • autographed & personalized by Chuck Wagner

original 20th Century Fox AUTOMAN TV script autographed
AUTOMAN Theme Music Sheets.
  • Laser copy on the left vs original to the right

  • [2 different versions was made avail to the retail market]

UK Newspaper AD scan: "Automan in the flesh!"
UK Newspaper AD scan: Automan Action figure debut
US TV Guide AD Advertisement
2009 AUTOMAN TV fan made baseball cap from Argentina!
August 2, 1999 In Theater magazine with Chuck Wagner.
  • Given to us by Mr Wagner when he was on tour here in San Francisco, CA.

  • He also gave us a signed personalized copy of his CD. This gentleman can sing, dance and act.

Summer 1990 EPI-LOG #1 magazine with a section on AUTOMAN. Signed in person by Chuck Wagner
May 1984 Fantastic Films #39 magazine
  • featuring: Star Trek III, DUNE, Indiana Jones and a cool spread on the upcoming sci-fi TV series: AUTOMAN :-)

Papercraft AUTOMAN Autocar Lamborghini LP400    
Jan 15 - Jan 21, 1984 TV News for readers in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West Hollywood & the Wilshire areas. Chuck Wagner whom played Automan made front cover. Very cool article inside too.

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