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This here toy have been deemed UNKNOWN or prototype due to it's short retail presence it any! UK European market only by Acamas Toys Company?! As of October 6, 2008 we received an email with a verified pic of another Autocar from a big time collector @ Rome, Italy: Cris Rucco. He is the original owner. Where are the others? Ours came from James Bullock. He purchased it from collector in Italy too!! Damn looks like Italy and or UK exclusive! Only time will tell on this elusive RARITY! Even the actor Chuck Wagner did not know of its existence till it was shown to him in person! How cool is that! NOTE: This was MINT SEALED till we decided to open this up! You only live once! Cheap as heck fragile plastic chassis with some manufacturing defects and small cracks and some tiny pieces fell apart. 2 "AA" batteries to get the forward motion with blue headlights ! Very crude but worthy documentation on this RARITY! NOT FOR SALE! EXHIBIT ONLY! As of 2010 the chassis is undergoing an complete restoration to keep it from falling apart :-)

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