1989 Back to the Future II 2 collectibles, movie screen used wardrobe and props collectibles and memorabilia exhibit

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Mattel Matty Back to the Future II Hoverboard full size replica with PRE ORDER 1/6 mini version and custom fan made handlebars as seen in the movie
  • What you get: opened and displayed Mattel Hoverboard full size replica. Comes with the pre-order 1/6 sized version with the handlebars. The top decal came wrinkled from the factory. I would wait for someone to make a Lenticular upgrade vinyl decal kit and heat gun these POS stickers off! Sounds work. Etched BTTF II logo clear display stand included and unused.
  • We bought a set of the handlebars for the full size 1/1 Hoverboard
  • As of Dec 22, 2014 NOT INCLUDED and NOT FOR SALE!!: Mark Poon NIKE Mags.
  • $318.88 shipped for the whole LOT!!
  • SOLD

What you get above.


Mark Poon NIKE Air MAG shoes replica from late 2000s
  • SIZE 9. Needs new strap as cracking white color. Needs a lot of work e.g. toe slimming, add EL lighting to the bottom and on the front top strap. Also need to build LED lights for the sides. You can find all the DIY videos on YouTube.
  • I pondering just ripping the shoes apart down to the core and go from there :-)
  • Futuristic Jeep & Forklift driver orange Jacket
  • This jacket have been seen in 2 movies: 1989 Back to the Future II: Jeep Driver and in the 1981 Heartbeeps movie: Forklift driver
  • SOLD
-- Back to the Future II DVD screen captures

Heartbeeps DVD screen captures

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