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We gave up and SOLD the remaining pieces. We do have 1 metal steel mesh skirt left with a patch.

Item Pictures of the actual screen used movie or TV PROP Screen captures from our DVD
Battlestar Galactica Atlantia patch --
1/1 CYLON Centurion [screen accurate REPLICA], building this a piece at a time to assure accuracy to the Nth degree. Right down to the belt!

May, 1, 2006 CYLON UPDATE: It's beginning to come together BUT at a price not for the faint of heart

  1. WANTED: custom 2 piece undersuit
  2. custom converted Cooper Armadillo Thumbs Hockey Gloves, cost $40
  3. custom to be converted Georgia Linesmen boots, size 9.5, cost $85
  4. fiberglass armor pieces, cost $799 NOTE: some cracks on various pieces and bad bondo job which the seller will make good on :-)
  5. G & M 7 section battery camera belt with custom leather belt made as the original was missing, cost $162
  6. Whiting & Davis metal steel mesh skirt 24" x 24" in a 70 straight cut, custom gun metal color, weighs in at around 31ounces. We have 1 left for sale $200 shipped in the US. International buyers need to email us your full name and address. We will email you the shipping options within 12 hours.
  7. WANTED: holster and sword
  8. CYLON Blaster laser gun BUT NO holster and working LED laser gun $200 for the gun, holster will be purchased later on when avail.
  9. WANTED: holster and working LED rifle with bayonet
  10. PICS SOON sword and sheath
  11. WANTED: custom LED eye scanner with side to side "warble" sound effect & real time vocoder for wearable CYLON Helmet #1
  12. WANTED OPTION: customizable LED eye scanner with side to side "warble" sound effect plus option to download various CYLON phrases to an CF card with motion sensor to activate upon human presence for Home Theater display CYLON Helmet #2
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FOR SALE $155 shipped in the USA. PAYPAL link below

Very RARE Behind the scenes slides, photos and misc from the Classic original 1970s Battlestar Galactica series. 367 different pics total. Converted to 4x6 photos

NOTE: All pics are watermarked and resolution resized to prevent theft/phishing.

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