FOR SALE: Comic Books collectibles and memorabilia exhibit

In due time we will be offering 10,000+ comic books from the 1930s to present to archive, some to keep  and extras to sell. Golden, Silver, Bronze age with some CGC books. Below is just a sampling of our collection :-) Enjoy.

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1977 Marvel Star Wars #1 2 3 pack SEALED retailer comic books Bronze Age CASE FRESH
  • MINT SEALED case fresh. Original brown box not included.
  • 8 in-stock
  • $49.88 shipped
1959 DC Comics GI Combat #68 Joe Kubert F/VF unrestored Sgt Rock prototype
  • TIDBIT: pre-dates Our Army at War #81 by 3 months. Sgt Rock prototype
  • UNRESTORED CONDITION: Beautiful page quality. Small tiny pieces out on some of the corners on the top pages. Some looks like a clean rip but not all the way through. Not sure if this was some type or printing error. All pages accounted for including the centerfold. Looks like a very light dust shadow or tan line on the cover right edge. Top cover overhang still present and untrim. Some unscrupulous dirt bags will trim this to improve the grade. Various transverse creases are present at the spine area. Original staples are free of rust. Light angular crease on the bottom right corner. Back cover shows a very light dist shadow or tan line on the left side. Overall in my opinion a beautiful clean unrestored book. We owned many copies but had sold those off to keep this :-)
  • Comic book have been stored inside a Mylite then a thick acid free archival backboard placed behind it and then again placed inside a thick mylar sleeve.
  • All of our comic books are stored in E Gerber acid free short comic boxes for long term preservation. 
  • SOLD


1965 Gold Key Comics ASTRO BOY #1 one shot VF+ unrestored
  • beautiful bright yellow wrap around cover. looks like 2 tiny circular indentations on the top right cover near the 12c price. Light surface rust present on the staples on the outside and on the inside staples at the centerfold section. Sharp corners.
1947 Better Publications Wonder Comics #13 Alex Schomburg airbrushed bondage beautiful damsel in distress sci-fi headlight cover VF- unrestored
  • stunning cover
  • UNRESTORED condition: Flat clean sharp bright cover. Very very faint crease down the middle of the cover. Clean staples free of rust. Some transverse creases present at the spine area. All pages accounted for and present with the centerfold.
  • We bought this book for the beautiful cover.
  • SOLD
1954 ACG Commander Battle and the Atomic Sub #1 signed in person by the late great Sheldon Shelly Moldoff @ Wondercon or the San Diego Comic con NOT FOR SALE --
1953 Dell Giant Walt Disney's Peter Pan Treasure Chest #1 VG+ 100% COMPLETE UNUSED UNRESTORED
  • 212 pages GIANT sized thick comic book
  • 100% UNUSED, UNCUT UNRESTORED & COMPLETE. Sharp corners and all pages accounted for.
  • spine roll crease present and small vertical tear at the bottom left spine cover area. Crease bottom right cover corner
1960 Atlas Gunsmoke Western #56 VF/NM File Copy signed by Dick Ayers in 1996 NOT FOR SALE --
1962 Atlas Gunsmoke Western #72 VF/NM File Copy signed by Dick Ayers in 1996 NOT FOR SALE --
1967 Gold Key Comics Green Hornet #1 VF signed to me by Van Williams. Bruce Lee as KATO on the photo cover NOT FOR SALE --
1967 Gold Key Comics Green Hornet #2 signed to me by Van Williams on the cover and the beautiful late Wende Wagner inside the back cover NOT FOR SALE --
1967 Gold Key Comics Green Hornet #3 signed to me by Van Williams NOT FOR SALE --
1952 Eastern Color Famous Funnies #202 KKK like Klan cover --
1943 Funny Book #3 --

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