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2009 ALIEN TRESPASS DVD slipcover Special Comic-con 40th Anniversary Edition SDCC
  • UNUSED Flat
2008 MARVEL IRON MAN DVD Lenticular 3D slipcover Comic-con exclusive SDCC Ltd Ed 5000 MARK I II III suit
  • UNUSED Flat with some storage edge wear present
  • 3 stages of IRON MAN suits in lenticular 3D motion: MARK I, MARK II and MARK III
  • Each one serial numbered different: 001644, 003631, 003678 and 003748
  • 4 in-stock
Above the Law DVD    
Batman Begins DVD    
Cloverfield DVD    
Iron Man DVD    
Predator DVD    
Punisher War Zone DVD    
Swordfish DVD    

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