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1982 Milton Bradley MB Electronic STRATEGO 100% COMPLETE MINT Made in the USA
  • Made in the USA
  • Very clean beautiful piece to display or play!!!
  • 100% COMPLETE and tested. Comes with 48 game pieces: 24 blue and 24 red pieces. 12 Bomb Pegs total: 6 RED and 6 BLUE. Comes with the Game Play information instruction manual which is 100% complete free of rips or any writing. Comes with an UNUSED white warranty card too!!!
  • Item was tested with 4 AA batteries and works :-) Flashing lights, musical fanfare and drum roll signal!!
  • BOX is in beautiful shape. Some light foxing in the inside white bottom box and the 2 long white boxes that hold the game pieces.
  • Clean rot free battery compartment with the original battery cover
  • Even the bottom of the box is free of stains, tape and related
  • $120 shipped
1980 LJN I Took a Lickin' from a Chicken Tic Tac Toe electronic tabletop game
  • 100% complete in the box with the instruction manual booklet and often lost battery cover
  • Works perfect with a clean battery compartment
  • Would clean up very nicely with a used toothbrush and damp towel
  • $128.88 shipped SOLD
NOS NEW 1981 ENTEX 3D Grand Prix racing driving electronic handheld tabletop game
  • RARE to UNCOMMON in terms of rarity.
  • Old red sticker price tag of $19.99 present!!! WOW anyone with a time machine with a Flux Capacitor to borrow? :-)
  • Uses 4 AA batteries and not included. 1st and only time taken out of the box for testing.
  • Buttons, steering wheel and fully tested.
  • LCD screen is FREE or any type of rot and related. Very clean.
  • Battery compartment area is PERFECT, FREE and CLEAR of any battery leakage!!!
  • Comes 100% complete with plastic baggie, both left and right foam pieces, Instruction manual and related paperwork.
  • Some very light storage wear on the box corners. 2" short clean vertical tear on the rear of the box at the fold line area. SEE PIC #3.
  • These once sold for over $350 BITD!!
  • $208.88 SOLD
1979 Mattel Electronics SOCCER handheld
  • 100% full tested and works perfect. Displays perfect too.
  • very clean excellent plus condition
  • comes with a very clean battery cover with unbroken tab.
  • White instruction sticker on the back is legible and present.
  • uses 9V battery not included
  • $20 SOLD
1982 SEGA Coleco 3D VFD ZAXXON tabletop
  • battery compartment need some more TLC cleaning. The battery contacts and 1 new spring is needed. I would just replace it all.
  • We tested it and it powered up and works. See the pictures.
  • All buttons and joystick tested works perfect.
  • Vertical clean crack found on the battery door but does not affect performance.
  • Easy restore regarding the battery compartment. You can buy the battery tabs @ Radio Shack or online.
  • SOLD
1981 TOMY Pac Man VFD handheld tabletop EX+ tested working Space Age
  • even though this is used item looks uber clean Excellent plus condition.
  • 100% fully tested
  • Black display area is very very clean!!!
  • Displays, sounds and plays perfect.
  • VFD = Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Clean as a whistle battery compartment and contacts.
  • Uses 4 "C" batteries not included. Has an AC adapter outlet too. Try Radio Shack or online.
  • Very light edge wear on the bottom silver instructions sticker decal. Also light scratch on the top black front decal sticker with very light edge wear too.
  • $78 SOLD


1999 RADICA Tiger Woods Ultimate Golf Electronic Handheld Game BRAND NEW
  • BRAND NEW but some storage wear and creases on the outer box with a few sticker tears on the rear of the box. See pic #2.
  • NOS = New Old Stock
  • 100% complete and UNUSED
  • Currently unused but can test 1 time to assure this works as it should
  • Item still in original baggie.
  • Comes with the instruction manual
  • Uses 3 "AA" batteries not included.
  • $21.88


1979 ENTEX Leisure Dynamics Canada POKER Electronic Handheld NOS MINT New Old Stock
  • Only taken out for the 1st time for this picture. Beautiful bright fade free box colors with sharp corner.
  • UNUSED NOS New Old Stock
  • Untested and still factory wrapped with both packing foam pieces, cardboard sleeve and instruction manuals in English and in French.
  • Leisure Dynamics on Canada Ltd.
  • Made in JAPAN.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries not included.
  • $48.88
1983 Tandy Radio Shack Hungry Monster Electronic Handheld Packri Bandai Pac Man
  • ex used condition. Light crank on the screen. Controls, buttons and sounds fully tested and works perfect.
  • Comes in the original box with the bottom packing foam only. Missing the top packing foam lid and instruction manual.
  • Pac Man ripoff. Radio Shack licensed this from the Bandai Packri Monster handheld.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries and not included
  • Very clean rot free battery compartment.
  • $32.88 SOLD
1983 Nelsonic Q*Bert Game Watch NOS BOXED
  • MINT UNUSED and works.
  • Could not get the sound to work
  • SOLD
BOXED 1983 Nintendo Game & Watch CM-72 Mario's Cement Factory tabletop
  • Made in Japan
  • Box is in rough condition but beautiful artwork nevertheless. Some loose box pieces glued back in place on the top lid section
  • Lower packing cardboard holder present.
  • Tested and everything works perfect. Comes with the battery cover.
  • Very clean rot free battery compartment.
  • Tested with our 2 "C" batteries not included. 
  • Comes complete with the original instructional manual, warranty card and Game & Watch advertisement AD stored inside a comic book mylar. Mylar is an inert material used by the Library of Congress and many institutions to archive important world documents. Should last a century estimate.
  • $170 SOLD
BOXED 1981 Coleco GALAXIAN tabletop Beautiful condition but does not work
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Tabletop overall looks NEAR MINT condition. The decals are free of sticker rot or burn where it looks like it is bleeding.
  • Joystick controller screws are clean and free of any rust.
  • NEAR MINT packing foam pieces
  • Original plastic baggie with sticker present too
  • Installed batteries and could not get it to work.
  • Some light battery rot leak present.
  • Battery cover is clean but missing the instruction sticker.
  • Both rubber feet are still present and accounted on the bottom of the tabletop
  • Would look great displayed as-is or for parts!!!
  • POP Proof of Purchase cut out on the rear bottom of the box
  • Corner of upper right cover cut out on the instruction manual booklet and Coleco advertisement AD paperwork included.
  • Instruction manual complete and stored inside a comic book mylar. Mylar is an inert material used by the Library of Congress and many institutions to archive important world documents. Should last a century estimate.
  • $75 SOLD
BOXED 1981 Coleco Pac-Man tabletop with paperwork
  • Made in the USA version.
  • Tabletop overall looks excellent to NEAR MINT. Beautiful decals. Some light glue bleed on the front white marquee decal. All other decals have light glue bleed on along the edges.
  • Joystick is clean free of rust and very responsive.
  • Both rubber feet are present on the bottom on the tabletop. 2 rubber feet are also present on the battery cover.
  • Some light battery leak present. I would leave this to the owner to clean with Vinegar and baking soda. Or go to your local Auto shop and purchase some battery contact cleaner.
  • Comes complete with the original battery cover with the original sticker instructions intact.
  • This version had the cardboard packing insert vs the foam variant
  • Instruction manual complete and stored inside a comic book mylar. Mylar is an inert material used by the Library of Congress and many institutions to archive important world documents. Should last a century estimate.
  • $148 SOLD
BOXED 1982 SEGA Coleco 3D ZAXXON tabletop NEAR MINT 99% complete
  • Made in Japan
  • Tabletop is HUGE and looks excellent to NEAR MINT condition. Beautiful decals.
  • missing the instruction manual
  • MINT condition top and bottom packing foam.
  • Outer box has some edge and storage wear. Beautiful 1980s graphics.
  • Comes with the original battery cover with the instructional sticker present.
  • Very clean battery compartment. Looks BRAND NEW here!!!!
  • All 4 rubber feet is present on the bottom. Rare as most rotted away or fell off!!
  • Tested, works and responds perfectly.
  • $188 SOLD

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