1982 Entex Adventure Vision tabletop or AdventureVision


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About: Rare to very rare nausea inducing tabletop with a Kim Kardashian rear!! This self contained cartridge based wonder is HUMMER SIZE: 13 1/4" x 10" x 9". Not a handheld but a tabletop for sure!! What makes this special? A vertical strip of 40 LEDs shot against a spinning mirror = 150 x 40 pixels resolution. Remember this is 1982! IMHO very innovative and cool for the time. Joystick with button layout catering to both left and right handed players. Thank God i'm ambidextrous! Top has a game storage space for 4 cartridges: Defender, Space Force, Super Cobra and Turtles. Only 4 games were made avail. We would love to see someone program some new games for this baby: Tempest, Dig Dug, Frogger, Pac-Man!!! Endless possibilities. Low tech HALO or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 :-) One can wish. OK, back to the subject at hand. Very faithful game play and feel for the 4 retail games. Great play value and loud obnoxious sound effects. You can mute the sound if you like. Great option. This thing eats D batteries like your wife's vibrator! J/K ;-P Tabletop requires 4 "D" batteries for power. It does have an AC adapter port. Good luck trying to find an original Entex branded AC adapter as this was a mail order only product from Entex from what we read. In all our years of hunting we've found more AV units then the Entex AC Adapter itself!!! Estimated 6-7 Entex Adventurevisions, 2 being NOS NEW OLD STOCK with 1 or 2 boxed, several loose ones and only 1 MOC Entex AC Adapter!!! Because of all of the above this item is quite fragile and most ended up as Landfil hence the rarity. Good luck finding a good reliable working one. We had a few broken ones ourselves which got fixed. Thanks to the gentlemen we knew with similar collecting habits: Rik Morgan who owns www.HandheldMuseum.com

Tech specifications below: (culled from Wikipedia and other sources). If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of this item. You gotta visit Jeff F. website www.AdventureVision.com

Front View Right Side View Rear View Left Side View Bottom View
Battery Compartment Original Entex shipping box! NOS Boxed Front View NOS Boxed Rear View Packing foam inserts halves
AV & Defender game instructions Offer for the instructions in Spanish Offer for the instructions in Spanish NOS Front View NOS Control Panel View
NOS Right Side View NOS Left Side View NOS Rear View NOS Bottom View NOS Battery Compartment
NOS opened Entex AC Adapter NOS Space Force Factory Sealed NOS Super Cobra Factory Sealed NOS Turtles Factory Sealed loose set of all 4 AV carts
Custom 1 of a king Arcade coin-op marquee - - - -
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