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Custom made prop by my talented best friend & fellow collector-holic: Robert Gonzalez. Project took 1+ year to finish. He's a freaking perfectionist! 100% hand built with acrylic, stainless steel and misc. materials. NOTE: Final version is hinged together as shown in the lower row 2nd picture from the left! 100s of hours in trial & error with materials and image reconstruction was done to achieve this near perfection replica. Not 1 to 1 accurate pefect but good enough to enjoy. We're very pleased with the results.

"We do not have any more to give!" Quoted from the Greenguys

Front of book  Lucent Spine has a very small amount of light on the top & bottom. Was not able to light up the full spine! Front inside 1st page - metal cover with a small sheet of clear acetate to protect the metal cover Front inside 1st page - metal cover. Hand cut & placed logo & letters! Flat View
GAHInstructionManual1.jpg (23525 bytes) GAHInstructionManual2.jpg (24044 bytes) GAHInstructionManual3.jpg (23846 bytes) GAHInstructionManual4.jpg (36030 bytes)
2nd page: Venusian! 3rd page: English translation 4th and last page (part of the book so): lite emblems on the bottom (tough to see ) Trust me it's on!! To activate the light just slightly push in the top side tab. check out the details on the side tabs
GAHInstructionManual5.jpg (34182 bytes) GAHInstructionManual6.jpg (34374 bytes) GAHInstructionManual7.jpg (24358 bytes) GAHInstructionManual8.jpg (47009 bytes)
Size comparison to the human hand :-) Final hinged version: cleaner detailed JPEG to see all those cool Venusian symbols on the 4th page Custom Velvet baggie with embossed GAH logo coin button flap held by velcro N/A
GAHInstructionManual9.jpg (20165 bytes) GAHBookCU.jpg (75195 bytes) GAHFeltBag.jpg (46708 bytes) N/A

If you must download, take, steal, borrow, link or photoshop crop out our watermarks from our pictures please do give us credit the very least. Please credit to www.80sKID.com no names need mentioning but our nifty web url OK :-) Keyboard warriors and angry back stabbing forum trolls NOT WANTED HERE!!