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Father and son Ghostbusters 1 Flight suits and related
  • Bought my son the cheap Rubie's costume just for the flightsuit. Weathered with slime and more. Adding custom 80% sized 3D printed hose connector with yellow tube. Will retire this once he outgrows this!!
  • Tru-Spec adult flightsuit.
  • Corcoran Paratropper hi gloss side zipper Jump boots. Made in the USA. Paid $75 Bought on Oct 3, 2015. Received Oct 7, 2015
  • Vintage Motorola MT500 Walkie Talkie with updated Interactive electronic board from GBFans Spongeface.
  • Flight suit connector with yellow hose.
  • LifeGard II prop as seen in GB2.
  • Screen accurate to the first GB1 movie vintage military pistol belt in use.
  • Custom made keyring and related fobs.
  • NOTE: Will be building the Navy Blue Ghostbusters 2 Flightsuit also.
  • Repainted and weathered Matty Collectors Ecto Goggles, PKE Meter and Ghost Trap.
1/1 Full size replica GHOSTBUSTERS 2 Battle Damaged Proton Pack.
  • BONUS: Signed by actor Dan Aykroyd whom played Dr Raymond "Ray" Stantz
  • As purchased has the Cyclotron and Power cell lights and 1 sound effect.
  • Upgraded Proton Pack with new Cyclotron and Powercell light kits from GBFans.
  • Added Matty wand adaptor card to work with the GBFans Cyclotron and Powercell lights. From GBFans: Spongeface. NOTE: 2.1 software revision so ordered a new chip on Nov 17, 2015. $6. Now will work with the vent relay and e-cig smoke overheat vent kit to be added to this pack!!! Will be adding toasted marshmallow smell to the e-cig doo-hickey!!
  • Have since retired the battle damaged Neutrino wand for the Matty version. Matty version have since been repainted, weathered and added the missing decals for screen accuracy. Looks less like a toy and more like a screen used prop!!! A repaint will do wonders.
  • Have since gutted all the old electronics and lights, upgraded master on/off switch and strengthen the cracked fiberglass resin shell at various areas with plumbers putty.
  • Have repainted weather the overall proton pack, resin Clippard valve and surrounding fittings.
  • Custom cut aluminum V hook Matty wand compatible.
  • Various cracks and deformities present and adds to the awesome battle weary used look!!
  • Custom thicker shoulder padding in the works. Will not be screen accurate but for cosplay endurance and comfort!!
  • Will be upgrading the kidney pad and waist strap with a more screen accurate LC2 version and locking clasp.
  • SOLD to a friend as building a new one: GB1 Hero pack with vintage parts we are colleting for this build!
-- Current results but still a work in progress as not content yet!

PICS BELOW is how we received it in the mail with extensive work, some light Cyclotron warping and some repair work present. PERFECT :-)

1/1 child size 80% scale resized GHOSTBUSTERS 1 Proton Pack
  • 80% vacuum pull ABS plastic proton Pack shell from Paid $62 shipped. Bought on Aug 7, 2015
  • 80% GB1 clear ribbon cable. Paid $30 shipped. Bought on Aug 24, 2015
  • Custom 3D printed bumper with bellows to accommodate with width from the added rectangle greeblies added to the bottom of the Proton Pack.
  • Custom cut 80% sized ALICE Frame and wood motherboard. Upgrading kidney and waist strap to vintage LC1 versions.
  • Upgrading the mobo to 1/8" aluminum :-)
  • Additional shoulder padding added for comfort and not screen accurate. Maxpedition Gear Green 2" shoulder pad. Paid around $10 each.
  • 75% sized resin neutrino wand kit and misc greeblies from Hal Clay
  • Custom 75% sized custom CNC side and top aluminum knobs.
  • GBFans sound and lights kit. Gets very loud! GB1 Ray Parker Jr theme song. Can be controlled from the volume pot peeking through the top of the reverse mobo.
  • Custom 80% metal decals will be used throughout this build to add more realism and details!!
  • Custom vent relay controller from GBFans: Spongeface.
  • Custom e-cig vent kit added at the scratch built N Filter area with LED lighting! Will be adding Toasted Marshmallow smell to the e-cig device. Thanks to GB wizard tech support James Fincher!!!
  • Custom 2 tier neck padding strapped and cut in place with gaffers tape!
  • NOT FOR SALE! EXHIBIT ONLY!! if we get offers North of $1800 maybe :-)
-- Dec 9. 2015 update!! Wand hook with aluminum spacer to be added. Near completion but with some upgrades to come: screen accurate LC-1 kidney pad and waist strap to be added.

Side by side size comparison pictures. My son's 80% scale resized GB1 Proton Pack compared to my GB2 Battle Damaged Proton Pack.

Parts collecting and work in progress as of  Nov 18, 2015

The Studio Creations 80% sized Proton Shell to start our Ghostbusters father and son cosplay journey.

Mattel Matty Collector GHOSTBUSTERS Ghost Trap Ecto Goggles PKE Meter & 2 Neutrino wands
  • We are the 1st owners.
  • Opened 1 time only and for testing purposes. Item was tested for 10 to 15 minutes to assure reliability as we heard horror stories from other collectors buying MINT SEALED only to find the item non-op :-(
  • Everything is 100% MINT complete as sent out from Mattel Matty Collectors!!
  • What you get?: Ghost Trap, Ecto Goggles, PKE Meter and 2 Neutrino wands. Reason why we bought 2 is when your cross the streams you get the exclusive effect that needs 2 Neutrino wands:-)
  • FYI As of current Mattel have no plans to release a Proton Pack to compliment the wand. Better off to build one yourself and start parts collecting :-)
  • SOLD as a LOT only. You can piece it out yourself. Sorry.
  • $1399.88 shipped in the USA
  • Regrettably SOLD
1997 Trendmasters Extreme GHOSTBUSTERS SLIMER MOSC
  • MOSC = MINT on SEALED Card
  • $28.88 shipped in the USA
  • SOLD
1997 Trendmasters Extreme GHOSTBUSTERS Proton Power Pack Plasma Blaster sounds/lights
  • 1 owner collection, Opened 1x time test and back in storage.
  • 100% MINT tested, working and complete down to the twisty ties and paperwork.
  • $138.88 shipped in the USA
  • SOLD
1997 Trendmasters Extreme GHOSTBUSTERS GHOST TRAP Ectoplasmic Containment Unit Positron Blaster
  • 1 owner collection, Opened 1x time test and back in storage.
  • 100% MINT tested, working and complete down to the twisty ties and paperwork.
  • $100.00 shipped in the USA
  • SOLD
MOSC set 1986 Kenner The Real GHOSTBUSTERS Fright Features Egon Peter Ray Winston figures AFA?
  • Some storage wear and creases on each card.
  • All the bubbles are crystal clear clean and NOT crushed or flattened.
  • I used AFA myself to keep sentimental toys encapsulated for archival purposes.
  • $5.99 Toy R Us price tag on 3 of the 4 figures
  • $188.88 shipped in the USA for all 4 LOT
  • SOLD
1986 Kenner The Real GHOSTBUSTERS Proton Pack Nutrona Blaster PKE Meter Armband
  • Overall toy condition is NEAR MINT even with the sticker bleeds due to age.
  • original paperwork is present and slightly yellowed on 1 side. NOT brittle.
  • Looks like a very low use toy.
  • MISSING only the ID card. Someone made a high resolution scan online so i can email that to you if needed.
  • All the decals are present with some ledge lifting and glue bleed present. Re-glue with archival glue.
  • Proton pack plastic looks NEAR MINT condition free of defects and scratches. Belt straps are clean and looks MINT too!
  • Nutrona Blaster wand is complete with all the original decals but has some glue bleed present. Squeeze trigger sound effect works perfect. Yellow hose tube is very clean and NOT dry rotted or cracked!!! Nutrona foam is perfect. No chunks missing. Very very clean.
  • Arm band looks UNUSED NEAR MINT.
  • PKE Meter is NEAR MINT condition. Complete with all decals with a straight rotating antenna.
  • $238.88 shipped is the USA
  • SOLD
1987 KENNER The Real Ghostbusters Fire Station Headquarters
  • excellent used condition with some light playwear
  • Comes complete with the both front doors, the sign with GB stickers on both sides and the 2 piece containment units with the bottom sliding doors. All the white railings are present also as with the stickers.
  • 1 missing broken peg for the action figure on the elevator contraption
  • missing the can of ecto-plazm
  • Beautiful as it sits.
  • $120 shipped in the USA
  • SOLD
1986 Kenner The Real Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Cadillac Ambulance vehicle
  • Missing the small ghost. Other then that it looks complete. Looks like somebody drilled a tiny hole in the back window.
  • $60
  • SOLD
2004 ERTL 1/21 Joy Ride Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Cadillac Ambulance vehicle diecast.
  • SIZE: 1 foot [12 inches] in length. Very heavy mostly diecast metal
  • Hood, both front doors and rear hatch opens. Steering wheel movies the front wheels too!
  • loose as-is. 1 broken antenna which can be glued by by the new owner. Will leave as-is.
  • Comes with a clear translucent green slimer
  • $68
  • SOLD
1987 Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man action figure
  • excellent used loose condition
  • $22
  • SOLD
1986 Kenner The Real Ghostbusters SLIMER The Green Ghost action figure
  • excellent used loose condition as-is with NO accessories
  • $17
  • SOLD
1986 The Real Ghostbusters Colorforms play set UNUSED MINT
  • UNUSED MINT condition with a beautiful clean box with some light storage wear
  • $18
  • SOLD

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