Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill Star-Lord movie Costume Cosplay collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


NOTE: We do have various Star Lord Peter Quill cosplay costume parts we bought extras online FOR SALE due to parts hoarding :-) We just added a Paypal shopping cart to these FOR SALE pieces below. FREE SHIPPING to US buyers only. International will work with you on shipping costs.

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We are building the movie version vs the comic version. More research, pics and details to come :-)

Costume progress as of August 24, 2015
Costume progress as of May 4, 2015
Costume progress as of  March 11, 2015

We have a nice small collection of XCoser branded helmets: PVC Adult Large and 2 Child Size Helmets. IMHO For the monies they are the best. Much better then the rubber Rubies branded mask!! Though not screen accurate but with some DIY work you can make them a work of art as we did. I would recommend buying an unpainted base version without the Glow Glass feature. If you have no plans to wear the helmet the Glow Glass feature is perfect BUT if you plan to cosplay in it you will be blinded by the intensive RED lights. I ended up building my own RED LED eye lights. Please read Mask #3 to #5 below for the in-depth details on our customized work. We have great respect for this company due to the Awesome great customer service and they are currently revising this helmet. We will be getting one to review soon :-)

Item description Item pictures
The Star Lord Mask: currently building 9

Mask 1/9: NO LONGER BUILDING!! Lost interest as better masks became avail.

  • Rubie's 3/4 child version.
  • Rubber vinyl.
  • Basic foundation to be modified and repainted to be more screen accurate.
  • Round retro John Lennon type red lens sunglasses will be used for the eye lens. Door screen mesh from your local hardware store will be used for the eyes area details.
  • IDEA scrapped!! Bought a child size Roman soldier helmet that will be used to add some structural integrity. Top will be cut out. Foam padding will be used inside. 5/8" ID x 3/8" WALL pipe insulation have been cut to size and then cut in half to add some form to the left and right side bottom mouth sections.
  • PAID $15.99 on Sept 24, 2014
SOLD: Mask 2/9. NO LONGER BUILDING!! Lost interest as better masks became avail.
  • Rubie's 3/4 adult version.
  • Rubber vinyl.
  • Basic foundation to be modified and repainted to be more screen accurate.
  • Round retro John Lennon type red lens sunglasses will be used for the eye lens. Door screen mesh from your local hardware store will be used for the eyes area details.
  • Craft foam padding will be used inside.
  • 5/8" ID x 3/8" WALL pipe insulation have been cut to size and then cut in half to add some form to the left and right side bottom mouth sections.
  • We would like to thank eBay user nikjdog for the retro John Lennon round sunglasses for these projects. She even sent us a 2nd pair free as i messed up the 1st pair!!!
  • PAID $19.95 on Sept 24, 2014.

ON TEMP HOLD as working on the other masks.

Stock Rubie's rubber vinyl mask as received from Amazon

Took out the stupid red mesh cloth to replace with John Lennon retro style sunglasses lens. Perfect RED tint. Added screen door mesh to the back and Voila! It's in the details. You can polish a turd into a diamond to some degree ;-p

RTGS Products micro string RED LEDs used with compact watch batteries holder. Used 6 LEDs per eye and 1 on the right side near the ear area as seen in the movie. His ear piece :-) For the uBer anal retentive OCD type builder like myself.

More WIP: Work in progress. Faux top hair section removed completely. Making this into a full mask vs the stock 3/4. EVA Craft foam added to the upper head area to add some distance for the eye areas. Since i wear glasses don't want my glasses butt up against the lens. Will be building a complete rear section to cover the back of your head with EVA craft foam and glued to the vinyl. Strategic placement of various EVA foam pieces inside the mask to help keep it structurally sound. Complete outer repaint to look more like the screen used counterpart. On/Off switch for the micro string LEDs will be placed inside foam pipe insulation plus gives cushion to your chin area. Will be using 4" width gray color velcro to cover your whole head rear section.

SOLD: Mask 3/9.
  • X-Coser PVC Adult Large size Hard Helmet with Glow Glass eyes.
  • Will be repainted to be as close to screen accurate as possible with battle wear.
  • various Allen head combined with set screws to the lower breather area for additional screen used like details.
  • My current helmet in use. Love it for all the details added.
  • Got a lot of compliments on this piece during Halloween and at our local toy and comic book conventions.
  • Would have been perfect if less fish eyed and more slim fitting to the human head as in the movie. In order for this to work the helmet needs to be made in two separate pieces and fitted with rare earth magnets.
  • Purchased on Sept 24, 2014 for $109 but spent a lot of monies and time to repaint and add in the eye lenses, mesh and micro string LEDs. 9 hours just for the hand painting.
  • $199.88 shipped in the USA
It is finished. Battle weary look. 6 micro string RED LEDs added per eye and 1 LED added to the right side ear area just like in the movies.


The stock paint application is just a tad better then a Rubie's branded mask as expected. Primered for hand painting.

Received on Oct 16, 2014. X-Coser branding will be Dremeled off the sides of the helmet. Top section will be cut out. Repainted and modified extensively! Will not be using the Glow Glass as you will be completely blind when in use.

Returned back to the sender 10/9/2014 as it was not as advertised! Too small for my head, cuts your neck area due to the sharp edges plus the rear cut out is unnecessary IMHO along with the riveted stretch strap

SOLD: Mask 4/9.
  • X-Coser PVC Child size Hard Helmet
  • X-Coser branding was shaved off the side ear areas for a more screen accurate look.
  • Have been primered, repainted and weathered to our liking. Looks like a piece of art after.
  • Unfortunately the plastic cracked on us in the rear section. Plastic needs to be warmed up with a hair dryer to do this. Fixed the crack with Gorilla glue. Scrap off the expanding glue excess once dried.
  • TO DO LIST: Add the red lens, screen door mesh and RED LED micro string lights.
  • X Coser sent my son a new helmet because of the light crack on the back on the helmet. The new helmet is a lot softer flexible plastic material.

Current Work in progress state. Will be adding remote control LED eyes soon :-)


Primered and repainted gunmetal gray. X-Coser company logo shaved off. Reshaping with hair dryer. Will be cutting more off the bottom to allow easier entry vs scratching your neck.

Squashed a tad PVC helmet as received from the mailman :-)

Mask 5/9. FOR SALE
  • X-Coser soft plastic Child Size Helmet
  • This was a FREE replacement helmet sent from XCoser due to the crack in the plastic.
  • The plastic on this helmet is very flexible.
  • Currently stored on a foam mannequin head to keep its shape.
  • $58 SHIPPED
PICS to come.
SOLD the SIZE 7/8: Mask 6/9. 3D printed Greeblie detail parts have been added to the long jacket
  • Disney Store exclusive store stranded costume set.
  • Size 7/8. SOLD for $110
  • MAJOR modifications will be performed on the stock simple foam mask. Good stretchy material used on the rear back half wrap around with 3 pieces of Velcro in place.
  • Needs paint details. Will repaint with metallic acrylic paints with some flex agent additive added to prevent paint cracking and such.
  • I added 4 micro LED lights per eye. Courtesy of RTGS Products.
  • Add RED tinted sunglass lens.
  • Bought the tougher to locate largest SIZE 9/10 for backup on Nov 18, 2014 off eBay for $59.87. Thanks Rick.
  • More details will be added to the long jacket: 3D printed badge, jacket valve and bottom jacket strap greeblies square details.
  • Ravager urethane rubber long jacket badge logo from NOVA Props Paid $15 on Jan 31, 2015.
SOLD!: $108 shipped My son's Disney Store GOTG Star Lord costume with modified mask with LEDs and 3D greeblies added to the jacket.

3D printed greeblie parts added to the long jacket lower strap area.

Custom made RAVAGER insignia logo sign by NOVA Props in urethane resin that will be glued to the jacket

Stock Disney Store costume as purchased.

Added micro string RED LED lights from RTGS Products. Low temp hot glue used. Kids mirror finished sunglass lens used. Will NOT be adding the wire mesh to this one. As of current this item is not for sale to the public yet.

Work in progress. Repainted most of the whole front face as the stock paint app or lack of is dull and boring. May tap in and add 1 RED LED to the right side ear area of the mask. Added a strip of EVA foam near where the forehead area meets the mask to add some distance and breathing space. Will add more layers of paint to the surrounding eye areas to prevent light bleeding.

SOLD/TRADED! Mask 7/9.
  • 2 piece resin.
  • Close to screen accurate.
  • Purchased from theRPF user: rgriesbeck. User: theRocketeer is making the helmets in Canada. PICs belong to those users noted.
  • Link to a finished helmet by the maker of these find helmets.
  • Deposit left on Dec 1, 2014. ETA Jan/Feb 2015.
  • Remainder paid on March 29, 2015.
  • Arrived on May 13, 2015.
  • PAID $245 + $35 shipping. TOTAL $280.
  • Ordered a screen accurate 2 tier lens kit with LED lighting for $24 shipped from theRPF user Risu.
  • Also custom eye sockets for the lens and LEDs from Shapeways for $21.99 shipped. Ordered May 18, 2015 and received on May 26, 2015
  • TOTAL PAID $326.
  • SOLD/TRADED to my friend R.F.

Mask 8/9.
  • Comes as a 1 piece resin kit but it needs to be cut in halves.
  • Very close to screen accurate.
  • This is the helmet i recommend to Star Lord cosplayers for the no hold bar budget :-)
  • Helmet got damaged in route to us after some prop work. Even with the superb packing from my friend starlordquill USPS Ace Ventura-ed the helmet. Was not mad. Just asked how to fix and 6 hours later it was fixed :-) Turning lemons into lemonade.
  • DO NOT use the stock lens. Bought the 2 tier lens kit from theRPF user risu. 1. laser cut etched clear lens and 2. blue lens. The blue lens in front of your eyes cancels the RED LED lighting like in the screen used helmet! Something so simple does make visibility and the helmet look better!!
  • Inside will be lined with a combination of foam and adhesive felt. Helmet foam on order!
  • Purchased from theRPF user: MrRoboto aka Steven Meissner
  • Beautiful work and craftsmanship.
  • Bought a discounted cast version that needs a little more clean up work. Good practice for me.
  • Paid on April 29, 2015.
  • Arrived on May 11, 2015
  • PAID $125 + $45 shipping. TOTAL $170.
  • PAID $125 to a friend theRPF user: starlordquill to help: cut it in half, install the magnets to the 2 halves, sand and fill in any areas, primer and cut out the eyes. All i need to do is paint, weather and seal. And lastly add the RISU 2 stage laser cut acrylic lens kit at the cost of $12. Will be adding my own remote control micro string LED lights to the eye socket and right ear areas.
  • TOTAL SPENT: $307.00

Work in Progress BEFORE PICTURES

Some progress work from theRPF user: starlordquill.

SOLD: Mask 9/9.
  • NEW & Improved XCoser Star Lord helmet.
  • Not screen accurate but very good for the budget minded. All you need is to add a world class paint job and weathering and it is perfect IMHO!!
  • Highly recommend buy a DIY kit if you can paint.
  • Stock clear etched lens in front used with the stock eyes LED lighting. I've added a custom laser cut 1.57" blue lens on top as this cancels out the red LED lighting in front of your eyes. From theRPF user: risu.
  • Running stock and another light setup!! Using the stock bright LEDs for the eyes. Using 1 micro string RED LED for the right side earpiece which is powered by a very slim and compact battery box run by 2 qty CR2032 watch batteries.
  • Inside will be lined helmet replacement foam and attached via velcro dots!
  • Helmet is flexible so you can press on the front and back to open the bottom opening to accommodate your head. Good tight fit.
  • $220 shipped in the USA.
New and improved 2 tier etch clear and regular blue lenses setup to be added upon arrival.

RED LED lighting: We are experimenting with 4 versions: What we want is a remote control version that you can turn on and off, adjust the brightness and compact. Company we are working with to bring this to light

PERFECT PRODUCT WANT: Combine #2 and #3 :-)

1. RTGS Products MICRO RED string of LEDs will be added near the surrounding eye areas to give it that RED GLOW.

  • Will be powered by 3 "AA" battery box.
  • Only $6.25 shipped!! LINK HERE
2. MICRO RED string of LEDS powered by 2 CR 2032 watch batteries
  • 3 qty samples given to us by Robert @ RTGS.
  • as of Oct 18, 2014 NOT FOR SALE to the public yet.
  • Testing on their behalf. Will add a link once they are avail for sale to the public.
  • Pricing and when avail? Not sure.
  • This is the version we are currently using in our Star Lord masks and helmets!!
3. Glow Hut Remote Control RGB LED strip with controller.
  • Bought a T-connector to wire 2 qty 4" strip of LEDs. 1 strip per eye.
  • NEGATIVE is bulk and powered by 1 9V battery. 24 button remote can control brightness, different colors, flash, strobe, fade, smooth and more. A lot of bells ands whistle just bulky!!!
  • Only $11.50 shipped. LINK HEREs

NOTE: Picture just shows 1 LED strip. Awaiting our order for the T connector and another 4" LED strip.

Originally purchased 1 LED strip thinking it was sufficient to cover both eye areas.

Works good in this set-up but bulky inside the eye areas. If you wear eyeglasses like me this pose a slight problem. Have been removed from the helmet awaiting next project.

4. RTGS Products remote control MICRO string of 20 RED LEDS
  • Got this as a sample on Feb 2, 2015
  • A remote control to turn the lights on and off.
  • Bulky 3 AA battery holder with the electronics.
  • SLIM BATTERY BOX MOD: Gently take this apart and slim down the bulk down and wire into a 2 CR2032 battery holder.
  • Will be using these LEDs in our future helmet builds from now on and my son's helmet.
Took this apart as i had to figure out a way to slim down the battery box from 3 AA batteries to a trimmed compact 2 CR2032 watch battery holder :-)

Jacket: Long version trench coat:
  • XCoser
  • Custom made and sized perfectly to my body type.
  • Made of Synthetic leather so it will get heated during walks at he conventions.
  • TIDBIT: Invest in a Ice Cooling Vest with refills/ Prevent heat exhaustion and make your cosplay more enjoyable.
  • far from screen accurate but a good foundation to mod.
  • For our first mod: weather and mute the overall color to a extreme wear and tear look
  • I may use a seam ripper and remove the bottom lower strap section pieces and make them from scratch via leather pieces, 3D printed parts, jacket valves and arm glyph badges.
  • Lots and lots of detail so this will take some time.
pics to come
Jacket: Short version
  • very very close to screen accurate with the triangle screen printing, raised details around the jacket arm valve and badge and more!!
  • 100% leather
  • SIZE: Small
  • On order and this will take some time as this is custom made to order
  • Will be adding my own screen accurate 62cm KCC re-antique zipper
  • PAID in full on April 26, 2015
  • RECEIVED on: June 29, 2015
  • Dropped off to our local seamstress @ Sparkle Laundry Services on July 3, 2015
  • Picked up on July 17, 2015.
SOLD!! Jacket: Short version
  • Purchased on eBay from user: leathermanufacturers.
  • Synthetic leather. Polyester inside lining. YKK zipper.
  • SIZE: Medium. Fits perfect. I am 5' 7" around 145 lbs.
  • IMHO the most screen accurate one up to date.
  • Sent from the factory in Pakistan.
  • DETAILS: Jan 12, 2015 sent out to a local seamstress for work: shorting and angle cut to the sleeves and change out the zipper. I plan to add the Glyph arm badge, arm valve and whatever misc details needed to make this jacket as close to screen accurate as humanly possible. Mild weathering and dirt effect will be added to the overall jacket.
  • RECEIVED on Jan 21, 2015. My good friend came over and spent 6 straight hours with a small paint brush to dry brush the tear, tear and worn our look. Tamiya acrylic BLACK paints were used. Added the arm badge and jacket valve. WOW! Night and Day difference!!! More modifications to come: More wear and tear will be added but this time with an airbrush system. Will be adding the sub dermal embossing later.
  • May sell this jacket to fund our other builds!
  • $288.88 shipped in the USA
AFTER PICS: 6 hours of weathering effects, screen accurate zipper, arm valve and badge added.

BEFORE PICS: Brand new looking and just has no character as is sits whatsoever! Weathering effects must be added!!!

SOLD: Jacket GLYPH arm badge
  • casted from urethane. Will be trimmed and painted screen accurate.
  • Urethane resin casted. Flexible with intricate details. We bought this online but will be using another.
  • Trim, primer and paint. Glue with some type of flexible adhesive: E6000 or Shoe Goo.
  • SIZE: 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 5"
  • $25 shipped in the USA
Jacket GLYPH arm badge
  • casted from urethane. Will be trimmed and painted screen accurate.
  • Cast with iron powder. Thank you to theRPF user Risu for making these
  • SIZE: tad under 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 4 1/2"
AFTER RESULTS. Beautifully hand painted and screen accurate with wear.

What this looks life BEFORE?

SOLD!: Jacket GLYPH arm badge
  • casted from urethane.
  • Painted to be close to screen accurate with wear.
  • From theRPF member risu
  • SIZE: tad under 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 4 1/2"
  • $48.88 shipped
SOLD!: Jacket GLYPH arm badge
  • casted from urethane.
  • Needs to be painted screen accurate.
  • From theRPF member TheRocketeer
  • SIZE: tad under 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 5"
  • $28.88 shipped
SOLD!: Jacket arm valve
  • High-resolution 3D printed.
  • Comes in 3 pieces.
  • Very light clean-up needed, trim the flashings and glue together and then to your jacket
  • Use as-is or paint it with wear and tear as we are doing.
  • SIZE: 1 5/8" x 3/8"
  • Thanks to theRPF user joatrash fx
  • Purchased on Nov 13, 2014.
  • $55 shipped


SOLD: Jacket arm valve
  • Bendy rubber type material
  • Painted with Rub N Buff
  • SIZE: 1 5/8" x 3/8"
  • $20 shipped
Jacket zipper UPGRADE:
  • 62cm KCC Jacket re-antique zipper. Cost as much as the jacket itself but screen accurate.
  • This will make this synthetic leather jacket POP in style!
  • Have been added to the jacket.
  • A HUGE THANKS to theRPF user: Starr Lord Mann for making the run avail.
  • Purchased the first zipper for $54.45 on Oct 24, 2014.
  • Bought a 2nd Jacket zipper with the 2 pants zippers for $115.45 on May 15, 2015
Shirt: RETIRED as found a better version as noted below.
  • Hanes Long sleeve t shirt in DENIM BLUE.
  • ASICS CORE LS Long sleeve t shirt in SLATE color.
  • Model MR1106. COLOR: 97
  • 100% Polyester mesh. Texturized mesh with inherent wicking technology.
  • SIZE Medium
  • IMHO Looks and feels close to the screen accurate.
  • FUTURE UPGRADE: Some gray mesh material from jogging or swimming shorts will be added to the lower sections as seen in the movie.
  • PAID $14.20 via AMAZON
  • Condor HK226 tan Stryker padded knuckle tactical assault gloves
  • SIZE L
  • NOT screen accurate but good enough for the time being.
SOLD OUT! Belt Buckle:
  • Build your own belt with this as the foundation. Beautiful strong casting. Just needs very light trimming in the rear sections. Primer, paint and weather with dry brushing.
  • SIZE: 4 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 5/8"
  • Have 2 in-stock. 2 SOLD
  • $40 each shipped in the USA.


SOLD! Belt Buckle and Belt:
  • Belt Buckle was custom made. Made by a cool cosplay company: NOVA Props.
  • Labor intensive as it is ALL metal.
  • We choose this path vs the resin ones we bought above just because of the heft and beautiful weathering.
  • Weighs in around 15 oz.
  • BELT BUCKLE SIZE: 2.75" x 4.5"
  • Selling 1 belt buckle for $88 shipped
  • BELT: custom belt is built from tanned and dyed leather in layers, hand stitched with beige waxed thread, The D rings are cold cast aluminum with Smooth-On Onyx fast. Buckle will be adhered to the front. Adjustment is made in the back via Velcro. Thanks to theRPF user MorbidCharlie
SOLD: Belt Buckle and Belt combo:
  • Belt Buckle was custom made. Made by a cool cosplay company: NOVA Props.
  • Labor intensive as it is ALL metal.
  • $20 worth of pewter used
  • We choose this path vs the resin ones we bought above just because of the heft and beautiful weathering.
  • Weighs in around 15 oz.
  • BELT BUCKLE SIZE: 2.75" x 4.5"
  • Comes with a 48" length black leather belt we bought from Tandy Leather
  • You can add more holes if needed via a hole punch kit or drill :-)
  • I have a 36" circumference waist. You can size this lower or higher.
  • $129.88 shipped in the USA
SOLD: Belt Buckle and Belt:
  • RECEIVED on March 11, 2015
  • Custom belt is built from tanned and dyed leather in layers and hand stitched with beige waxed thread.
  • Beautiful weathering. May add more weathering myself.
  • NOTE: I may or may not update the Velcro with 3M Dual Touch!!
  • The Belt Buckle and D rings are cold cast aluminum with Smooth-On Onyx fast. Buckle will be adhered to the front with Barge contact cement adhesive. Adjustment is made in the back via Velcro. Thanks to theRPF user MorbidCharlie
  • Bought 2 completed belts. Currently sized to 40" waist. Includes extra leather piece and 2 pieces of Velcro to adjust to your size: decrease or increase further if needed.
  • $230 shipped in the USA
Exact pics of Star Lord Belts up for sale below

Pants: very close to screen accurate
  • Custom made commission by SIQ Clothing in Las Vegas, NV. Small business.
  • We sent our screen accurate KCC re-antique zippers to be added to the pants.
  • I paid $$$ without the holster pads and zippers. Prices changes on this item so please email them directly for current price quotes.
  • The KCC re-antique zippers cost around $30 per zipper.
  • Beautiful quality. Great customer service.
  • PAID on June 12, 2015
  • RECEIVED on July 15, 2015
July 30, 2015 Thurs. The pants are finished. Installed the lighted LED thigh rocket booster controller. Patience is key. Wear the pants with the gaiter boot covers. Look at the reference pictures and gauge the best placement of the controllers distance between your pants and gaiter boot cover top areas. Use white chalk to mark the placement of your iron on patches. I used fabric glue vs the iron on method. Used a Xacto to do a clean short incision. Now used a curved scissor to cut the small hole inside. Now to prevent the fabric from frayng on you use fabric glue on the inner circle and keep the fabrics together.

July 23, 2015 Current status of the SIQ pants with the Tandy snaps added to the pants and leather holster pads.



SOLD: Pants:
  • MEN armored motorcycle pants in BLACK.
  • Bought a size XL as the sizing is weird.
  • Paid $50 + shipping. eBay LINK.
  • Perfect foundation to work with.
  • Used a seam ripper a take off the rubber label from the front leg pouch and the labels at the knees. Took a black permanent marker to color the silver around the pouch. UPDATED PHOTO to come as we have removed the pouch and rubber labels.
  • Comfy and fits me perfect.
  • Comes with hard knee and shin protectors inserted inside the leg areas. Removable.
  • $128.88 shipped

AFTER PICS: Updated pants pics below with the side pouch and rubber labels removed. Added the thigh rocket booster control launch button with the Iron on patches.


Element Guns:
  • 2014 HASBRO NERF.
  • Paid $21,99 each from Toys R Us on Sept 10, 2014.
  • Will be repainted with a lot of wear and barrel heat stained burn effects.
  • Rear handle areas wrapped and covered with some type of carbon fiber looking vinyl. Heatgun or hair dryer will be used.
  • We plan to hydrodip the handle grip areas once the casted grip extensions arrive.
  • More WIP Work In Progress: Shaving off the raised warning lettering, fill in all screw holes, shave off all shark fins and Bondo fill in the empty areas.
  • 3D printed barrel extensions have been added to the top and bottom to make these more screen accurate.
  • Thanks to theRPF user Ein
Work in Progress UPGRADES to some new and improved screen accurate Element Guns in the works:

April 26, 2016 Work in Progress. Current state. NERF and Rubie's Element Gun size comparison.

Stock NERF guns with rolls of carbon fiber vinyl wrap that needs to be added to the handle grip area!

Test fitting the top and bottom 3D printed barrel extensions.

SOLD!: Element Guns:
  • 2014 Rubies model 35614
  • Will be repainted with a lot of wear and barrel heat burn effects with an airbrush.
  • Rear handle areas will be wrapped and covered with some type of carbon fiber looking vinyl. Heatgun or hair dryer will be used.
  • Very low quality paint job. The pros are the good size and the screen accurate angled grip extension but only for the right side.
  • Will sand down the marking and strip off the paint job.
  • More out the box to do maybes!!: Take apart the 2 halves and add some LED lights and sounds to the top and bottom barrels. Build a battery compartment and fill in the screw holes. Add and cut out the proper vent holes and add in the metal screen mesh with the oblong oval hole on the top. Also add some actual Allen screws and set screws.
  • $78.88 shipped
Paint job and carbon fiber wrap added. Needs to airbrush the 4 stage heat stained barrels.

SOLD: 3D printed NERF gun holster clips
  • NERF Holster gun clips ordered from Shapeways. 3D printed in black.
  • Finger base needs to be strengthened with JB Weld for long term durability. Finger tips will be sanded down lightly and adhesive felt added to protect the carbon fiber vinyl wrap gun finish. Or maybe used spray or brush on Plastic Dip.
  • For added security maybe add some kind of a velcro strap. Would use some type of a Chicago screw to attach to holster pad and then to pants!!
  • Asking $61 shipped in the USA just for the 3D printed left and Right side NERF Gun Holster clips
SOLD: NERF gun holster clips
  • NERF Holster gun clips ordered from NOVA Props. They spent 8 months to turn this item to a reality. They are owned by friends Adrian Gonzalez and Daniels Nelms.
  • Uses super strong rare earth magnets which can hold up to 80 lbs. 4 1" magnets used. 2 per holster. 2 2" magnets needs to be installed inside the blaster so so light mod cut work needed.
  • Awesome mag lock system are cast in 65D semi rigid urethane which makes this strong and flexible.
  • Comes with 8 Chicago screws to mount to the leather holster pads and then to the pants.
  • So many freaking details! Not for the faint of heart!!
  • We have since strengthen the holster clips pieces with Plumbers putty. FUGLY but it is strong and burly now. Can survive and inclement weather on Morag at fights on Xandar.
  • Paid $108 for a pair! They are on SALE now for $90 + shipping.
Pants leather holsters pads
  • Beautiful craftsmanship from a cosplayer in Texas Made in the USA theRPF users: StarLordQuill and MorbidCharlie
  • NOTE: Pants leather holster pads are coming soon and pending.
  • Deposit paid on March 18, 2015 Received on April 28, 2015
  • Added some Tandy snaps to the rear and to the pants.
  • PAID


Thigh rocket booster control launch buttons:
  • These light up!!! 200 hours of battery life!
  • These activate when you press these up against your legs.
  • 2 qty [1pair] Casted in a couple different  mediums for light dissipation. Translucent thermoplastic for the core with a smooth-cast 300 white resin shell. Comes with 2 pre-cut Iron on fusible interfacing patches that goes behind the control.
  • 2 methods of mounting: Velcro or magnets.
  • These mount to the pants area.
  • These were purchased from theRPF user: Soulinertia
  • PAID $60 + $7 shipping.


SOLD! Thigh rocket booster control launch buttons:
  • 2 qty [1pair] Cold cast aluminum buttons with 4 magnets and iron on fusible interfacing patches
  • These mount to the pants area.
  • These were purchased from an awesome cosplay company: NOVA Props on Oct 22, 2014.
  • we bought 2 pairs.
  • 1 pair will be up for sale. Pics show a finished pair. I added the weathering and related paint details.
  • $85 shipped finished
BEFORE: This is what the item looks like unpainted.

AFTER: This is what the item looks like painted.

SOLD! Thigh rocket booster control launch buttons:
  • Resin casted. Light trimming and you are good to go. Primer, paint and weather.
  • You need to figure out a way to glue these to your Star Lord pants.
  • I myself am using motorcycle pants for this costume.
  • SIZE: 3 1/8" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"
  • $28 shipped in the USA
  • Skechers Men's Diameter Garzo Loafer. This is the base foundation we are using for our Star Lord boots.
  • SIZE: 10.5 for me
  • SIZE: 5 for my son.
Boot Covers/Gaiters/Spats:
  • NOTE: Straps should be facing inside not out. Make sure you have them oriented correctly before attaching the jet rocket boot boosters.
  • custom made and coming soon from theRPF member dannylopuz :-)
  • Drybrush and wash to add extensive wear and tear.
  • Bought 2 pair on Jan 21, 2015
  • Comes with extra leather for the back if you plan to make these more screen accurate.
  • As of August 2015 during the D23 Expo this experiences a wardrobe malfunction. I ended up removing all the 3M Dual Lock and streamline the look and glued the boot cover front flap at strategic locations [where the faux buttons on top directly to the shoe]. No malfunctions and looks better and bends with my movement. NOTE: Bring a cosplay First aid kit with you: Leather super glue and what not!!
  • SOLD: extra pair for $168.88 shipped
  • May have more pairs for sale in the future

PICS of the boot spats up FOR SALE

Feb 24, 2015. Finally got the Rocket boosters mounted with the 3M Dual Lock. WOW! Added a 2" strip to the front boot spat to keep it from flapping when walking about the convention.

Will be up FOR SALE SOON!!: Boot Jet rocket boosters:
  • 3D printed in ABS material. 2 sets. Printed one in 70% of the adult size for my son.
  • Needs a lot of prep work as it is not plug and play. Pegs never fit in place and have either broken off or needs to be sanded down.
  • Currently just test fitted. Once primered, painted and weathered will re-glue back onto the Booster main body.
  • Ended up building the set with visible print lines. hand painting and airbrush used for the extreme wear and tear look with the heat stained metal at the rocket outlets areas.
  • Bought some RC control rods. Cut to size. Notched the rockets. Added the metal rod details. Used JB Weld to hold it all and fill in my crude Dremel work :-)
  • THANKS to theRPF user: Kevin Gossett for helping us 3D print 2 pairs of these for us. Far from perfect but this is more bang for the $$$! PAID $90 shipped on Nov 19, 2014.
  • Rockets have been strengthen to prevent 3D print delamination. Used long nials with the heads cut off glued and inserted in the middle!!
  • $88 shipped!!

Feb 22, 2015 FINISHED!! Hand painted with extreme weathering. Airbrush was used for the metal heat wear effect. Test fitted with theBoot covers.

Feb 15, 2015 Updated pic below. Test fitted and awaiting last paint with the extreme weathering effects to be added.

Raw 3D printed resin are FUGLY IMHO. Lots of prep work needed to make them nice.

SOLD: Boot Jet rocket boosters:
  • PAID on Feb 7, 2015 and received on Feb 23, 2015
  • High resolution 3D printed set.
  • More durable and lightweight then then resin one above.
  • bought from a seller in Sweden. theRPF user: joatrash
  • Some light clean up of the flashings and such. Beautiful print.
  • Needs spray filler primer and ACRIFIX plexiglass glue.
  • COST: $360 with the magnets
  • Each set takes about a week to print!!
  • This was limited to 4 sets worldwide!!!!
  • Hollowed main body with holes in various pieces plus some clear parts so you can easily add your own LED lights to this set.
  • We are still trying to find someone to build the thigh rocket controller as the acting switch with lights also.
  • Take your time to build this one.
  • We get what we paid plus a little more for shipping and fees.
  • $300 shipped under cost!!
SOLD! Purse Bag Knapsack Napsack:
  • Used around 5 times to the comic and toy conventions.
  • Very clean LIKE NEW!!!
  • Motorcycle bag.
  • Not screen accurate but good enough.
  • $30 shipped
Purse Bag Knapsack Napsack:
  • Custom made with lambskin leather. Expansion pleats added to the front for screen accuracy! WOW! Unbelievable!
  • Custom dyed and weathering!!
  • Screen accurate down to the UK Makefast Locking Buckle.
  • Thanks to theRPF user: Soulinertia for the screen fabric materials and the hardware kit
  • Thanks to theRPF user: Montified88 for putting it all together with such great craftsmanship.
  • Paid $350 for this beauty on March 20, 2015!! RECEIVED on March 23, 2015
  • Worth every freaking penny. I use this on a daily basis!
  • $35 paid for the 3rd strap
What the purse/bag looks like with my jacket?

3rd leather strap option

Young Peter Quill Backpack:
  • As seen in the intro and on board the MILANO close to his wall mounted audio cassette deck setup
  • Vintage 1980s era JANSPORT backpack Made in the USA in Forest Green.
  • 4 patches have been added to the backpack as noted below
  • 1. Made in the USA NASA "Meatball" design version patch on order
  • 2. WANTED correct Palm Tree patch
  • 3. trying to ID another patch on the backpack.
  • 4. PAC-MAN Ghosts patch
  • FYI 2 versions of the patch setup are seen on the backpack.
  • For us i combined the best of both worlds to achieve the bag. Not screen accurate but good enough.
Young Peter Quill Shirt Jacket:
  • Vintage SEARS red & black plaid hunting wool jacket
  • SIZE Medium
Young Peter Quill T-shirt:
Map Projector:
  • High resolution 3D printed from theRPF user: Joatrash FX
  • This version is slightly oversized from the other prints.
  • BLUE and RED pen sized laser pointers with star cap configuration have been successfully installed.
  • Awaiting shipment of greeting card mp3 USB module with small speaker attached. Special sound effects culled from the blu ray source.
  • PAID $180
July 31, 2015 red and blue laser pointers installed

Plasma Orb:
  • WIP [Work In Progress]. Item will light up as seen in the movie.
  • TEMP USE: Fortune Products Rainbow orb. 3 1/4" size. Can change into various colors and such. Can be bought for $4 to $8 shipped. Some color bleeding when in white color mode but that is OK. Bottom has a flat spot too.
  • screen accurate version pending :-)
Orb with Infinity Power Stone:
  • Resin casted Orb from a 3D printed master. More weathering will be added to the insides and surrounding areas. Outside is perfect.
  • Received Feb 21, 2015: LED light up self contained Purple Infinity Power stone gem
  • A huge thank you to theRPF user tonyyoungblood for releasing the files to make this happen.
  • PAID $100
EXTRA SOLD!! Gravity Mine Magnetic Base:
  • New screen accurate Gravity Mine magnetic base coming from theRPF BigTurc.
  • We have upgraded and SOLD the 3 resin hinges. Those will be replaced with thermoplastic clear resin version with LEDs embedded. Thanks to theRPF Soulinertia for making these hinges avail. Permission of the recasted hinges was OKed with the seller BigTurc.
  • EXTRA have been SOLD!
 SOLD!!: Gravity Mine Magnetic Base:
  • NOT screen accurate.
  • $30 shipped


Alien Reptile Lizard Gecko Chameleon Salamander Rat looking rubber toy used as a microphone in the movie intro:
  • research pending as we look for a similar vintage toy.
research pending
  • 3D printed in black with 3mm RED LED light wired inside. Tiny 9mm DPST on/off switch on the side. All you need is a SPST switch.
  • Thin wires used.
  • Painted silver.
  • Battery cover uses 2 qty x M2 4mm screws
  • Powered by 2 AG10 watch batteries.
  • 680 ohm resistor needed and missing. Still works but the RED is very bright.
  • Fits perfect even with wearing eyeglasses.
  • You can use spirit gum to prevent this from falling off or use as is.
  • Thanks to theRPF user Ein for making these for me.
FOR SALE SOON! Headphones: 3D printed working SONY MDR-5a headphones
  • High resolution 3D printed version ordered from Shapeways.
  • Added water slide decals for the SONY branding and related markings.
  • Driver cup holders SIZE: 25mm x 11mm. 7/8" x 1".
  • Recommended SONY headphones models to use for the transplant: SONY MDR-005 has a longer wire and SONY MDR-010 has shorter wires.
  • NOTE: When you unlatch the drivers from the headband remember to mark an L and R on them so you know which side you have. DO NOT attempt to remove them from the plastic housing. Use a Dremel diamond cut disc wheel and neatly cut off the side edges.
  • Feb 2, 2015 Have successfully transplanted 100% working drivers with the wiring from a pair of late 1980s to 1990s era SONY MDR-005 Headphones. Left side wiring for the driver needs to be unsoldered to feed through the metal slider. Perfect time to lay out the wiring and cut to size. These work and sound good enough for everyday use IMHO.
  • 1980s SONY MDR-31 headphones drivers and wiring to be used as we will be building a 2nd pair. Reference quality sound with these.
  • Plan ahead. We use scotch tape to hold it all together in a test mock fit before final gluing.
  • Metal slider and the left side C arm did not fit together so we had to use a diamond bur bit to enlarge the 2 peg holes. We used Loctite Professional Super Glue
  • Be sure to sand off all the raised lettering off the top headband areas and on the left side wire holder.
  • DRIVER CUP SWIVEL ACTION: Small pilot holes were carefully drilled at the C arm areas. Another pilot hole will be made on the driver holders. Nylon washers will were used to add a more accurate useable look. We want the driver cup holders to swivel to the shape of your human head when used. We used 12" Du-bro 2-56 (.072) RC steel metal threaded control rods. take your time and it needs to me dead center!! measure 3 times and drill once!!
  • PRIMER/PAINTS used: C arms and driver cup holders were primered with Light Gray TAMIYA Fine Surface Primer Item 87064 and painted with TAMIYA X-11 Chrome silver. Weathering and worn look will be added. Amaco Rub 'N Buff Silver Leaf metallic wax paste paint toothpaste like added to the silver areas to give off a more metal look sheen.
  • $228.88 shipped
July, 4, 2015 UPDATED outer driver cup meshes with screen accurate version. Repainted silver parts with Rub 'N Buff Silver Leaf for a metal sheen look.

March 11, 2015 FINISHED! Actual working 3D printed SONY MDR-5a headphones with actual swivel motion :-)

Feb 5, 2015 We end up shortening both the Left and Right Side wiring. Best to tape test fit before the final cut to the original wiring and then re-solder. May re-cut the orange foam ear pads as i removed just a tad too much for the outside.

Current progress of the MDR-5a headphones Feb 3, 2015. Pilot holes added to the C arms. Awaiting nylon spacers from China to arrive before putting it all together.



SONY MDR-005 Stereo headphones we cannibalized for the drivers and wiring

Alternative headphone options:
  • 1983 SONY MDR-CD5 headphones with NOS orange earpads
  • We bought a pairs that needed work. Cut and flawed wiring on both driver sides. The Ear pad areas were Dremeled down to size by the past owner.
  • We have resoldered the wiring on both sides. Used Liquid Electrical Tape to seal it all in vs using heatshrink.
  • PAID $119
SOLD! Alternative headphone options:
  • BONTEMPI SK 153 headphones foldable with NOS orange earpads
  • Original black earpads are included
  • BRAND NEW NOS = New Old Stock
  • Fully tested and works perfect with the gold plated adapter.
  • $48.88 shipped
SOLD!  Alternative headphone options:
  • 1982 Realistic NOVA 45. May not be screen accurate but they look good enough to used as-is.
  • We neatly took off the original black foam ear pieces.
  • Since no replacement foam ear pads are made anymore we had to think out of the box and make our own.
  • Will be using some misc makeup foam sponges.
  • Cut to exact 2" diameter and then cut that in half.
  • Foam ear pads have been repainted with racing orange acrylic paints.
  • $99.88 shipped

Stock headphones as received. Tinkering with making my own foam ear pads.


Do not like the current ear pad color. Will be repainted with Racing orange paints in the future.

Custom 2" headphone replacement ear pads:
  • Lot of orange color foam sponges used for baths and makeup.
  • Soft and good enough to mod into replacement ear foam pieces.
  • 2" diameter round mirror will be the template to get this going. After that it will be neatly cut in half.
JASCO Stereo Headphone replacement ear pads.
  • Widely available but the size will not fit many headphones as they measure only 1 5/8" in diameter.
  • Bought 5 pairs of these for back-up
SOLD OUT!: Cheap "2 Buck Chuck" headphones:
  • My son is using a pairs with his cardboard SONY TPS-L2 Walkman set-up
  • Soundlab UK SONY retro style stereo headphones.
  • 2 in-stock
  • $18.88 shipped in the USA
SONY Walkman TPS-L2 replacement belts:
  • 2 belts with 1 alcohol cleaning pad.
  • Pain in the rear to find. Had to order ours from a seller in Germany!!!
  • Found a seller locally.
  • 26 sets in-stock
  • $15.88 shipped in the USA
Updated August 24, 2015 pics

2006 TRACKMATE Audio Cassette tape cleaner with Demagnetizer model TM153
  • Did a lot of research before importing this from the UK
  • This is what we use to clean and restore all of our cassette tape players/recorder
  • Brushes can be removed and washed for reuse.
  • Made in Ireland
Walkman: Multiple options are avail depending on your budget and how OCD uber retentive you are to the details :-)


  • Beautiful piece of Walkman electronics history made famous and pulled into the lime light courtesy of Star Lord
  • Purchased as non-operational.
  • Cleaned the head and rollers with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and Q-tip swabs. Bought a cassette demagnetizer too
  • Full restored and everything works and plays perfect. Both belts replaced. Perfect sound. Been using an hour a day and motor runs quiet and strong.
  • Pushed out the dents on the battery cover as best to our ability.
  • RARE FIND: Open window SONY TPS-L2 carrying case vs the version that covers the front completely
  • ADDED Springfield Leather Company Black Wideback Belt Clip for $4.95 shipped. Used E6000 adhesive to glue this to the back of the Walkman. Very strong bond!!!


  • 1982 SONY WALKMAN WM-3.
  • Looks exact like the TPS-L2 minus the case color of BLACK vs BLUE and some other minor details.
  • NOTE: AWESOME MIX VOL 1 replica cassette tape is NOT INCLUDED!!!
  • Will include 1 set of UNCUT AWESOME MIX VOL 1 front and back labels. All you need to buy is an NOS TDK CDing2 60 minute cassette tape.
  • Talk-line button is silver vs orange.
  • Original black ear foam pads taken off and included. In EX condition and not rotting. Replaced with orange round sharp edge shaped ear pads.
  • Original retail SONY headphones which still works perfect on both left and right sides. Absolutely no breaks in the headphone cable.
  • Comes with the original MINT condition SONY EBP-500 2 "D" battery case.
  • Velvet RED plastic case is cracked at the top upper corners and were scotched taped inside.
  • Tough to find with the box and paperwork.
  • Some light paper foxing on the inner box. Paperwork in currently stored in an archival comic book Mylar bag! DO NOT Throw away! These are made to last 100+ years and used by the Library of Congress to archive rare historical documents.
  • Purchased from the original owner. I am the 2nd owner.
  • Some light scratches on the front and small tiny corner crack in the silver top bezel.
  • MISSING: demo cassette tape and black case strap
  • RARE VARIANT maybe!! Made in Spain vs Japan. How cool is that. My best friend is from Spain. 
  • matching serial number on the box and Walkman: 112471
  • Comes with all the paperwork shown with some original baggies.
  • Even comes with the original white foam protector piece
  • We pondering taking this apart to repaint into the TPS L2 colors.
  • We have NO plans to repaint and just use as-is.
  • A shame to repaint this piece of history.
  • Oct 12, 2014 opened up the back and the belts are stretched and dry rotted. Motors still spin.
  • Fixed by me on Nov 30, 2014 with brand new replacement belts from Germany and all related rollers cleaned. All buttons and functions works perfect!! NO stuck buttons or any weird gear grind noises. Have been thoroughly tested to play and sound perfect. Volume control is static free. Battery compartment strap is present with a perfect working locking tab and free of any battery leaks.
  • $299.88 shipped in the USA


  • Mustard UK DRINKMAN drinking Flask.
  • Looks very close to the SONY TPS-L2 Walkman.
  • Just repaint and add a AWESOME REMIX #1 with cassette spindles decal.
  • I would go as far as opening it up so you can add a simple MP3 player device inside :-)
  • If you want to be even more uber retentive. Sand down the DRINKMAN logo. 3D print the SONY WALKMAN logos and related.
  • Add a belt clip.
  • Cardboard TPS-L2 Walkman. Credit for this cardboard Walkman template goes to Stephen Herron
  • Faux orange button was from a roll of window door insulation i cut to size. Colored with a marker temporarily [not a good method as the color will stain your fingers or clothes]. Need a better permanent solution of using Orange model paint.
  • Adding a cheap MP3 player with a 32Gb micro SD card with the GOTG Awesome Mix VOL. 1 in MP3 320kbps format. Cost was $3.84 shipped from China. Link HERE.
  • Found a portable pill shaped speaker to fit inside the box. SIZE: 3.25" x 3.35" x 1.18" LINK HERE.
  • BETTER UPDATE/UPGRADE Oct 13, 2014: Even better I found a retro cassette looking speaker via Zazzle! LINK HERE.
  • JAM Rewind portable bluetooth 4 speakers total, 2 speakers per size front and back. Looks like a retro cassette tape! MSRP $79.99 LINK HERE.

Putting the cardboard SONY TPS-L2 Walkman together


Zazzle retro looking cassette speaker. Unfortunately too thick for this set-up. NOT USED!


JAM Rewind Bluetooth portable speaker


Just testing various set-ups to see what works and sounds best in terms of weight and ergonomics. JAM speaker inside but rumbles the surrounding as this gets loud and clear. 4 speaker sound! 2 in the front and 2 in the rear. 2 active and 2 passive speakers!!! Sounds really good but just a hair too large. May reprint the cardboard Walkman a tad larger to accommodate this in the future.


Ended up using the portable small pill shaped speaker powered by 2 AAA batteries and matched to a cheap MP3 player/ Loud enough. Have added some holes in the rear cardboard section to allow the music to be made more audible. Set-up will last 4 hours +/-.


Feb 15, 2015 Last update and innards are schemed perfectly for ergonomics.

FOR SALE: AWESOME MIX VOL. 1 cassette tape front & back labels:


Updated August 24, 2015 pics below.

AWESOME MIX VOL. 1 cassette tape:
SOLD OUT!!! Limited Edition Official AWESOME MIX VOL 1 Soundtrack cassette tape release:
  • 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy AWESOME MIX VOL. 1 cassette tape US version
  • Was released on November 28, 2014 Black Friday in very limited quantities for RSD: Records Store Day.
  • Comes with a code for digital download too
  • NOT 100% screen accurate but good enough.
  • Now i can listen to this on my SONY TPS-L2 WALKMAN
  • We will be transferring the CD back into an analog tape one of these days.
Dancing Groot: WIP Work in progress
  • prop will actually move to the music :-)
  • My buddy will be tasked to bring this to fruition.
  • Ours will be modeled as close to the one seen onscreen as humanly possible.
  • Dancing flower speaker have been delivered to my buddy to work his magic.
  • Thanks to
SOLD: RESIN cast of SONY Walkman TPS-L2 Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay prop
  • SOLD because too much work for my skill level.
  • End up buying the real deal. No need for fakes at this point :-)
  • Good for the budget minded cosplayer.
  • $38.88 shipped

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