1981 to present GREATEST AMERICAN HERO TV collectibles and memorabilia exhibit starred William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Selleca, Michael Pare

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Listed below is our Greatest American Hero collection. Included are prototype action figures, custom t-shirts, jackets and costumes. We also were lucky enough to acquire several one of a kind items as well as original props from the show. 

FYI 99% of the items on this page have been passed on, sold, traded, donated to my best friend/dedicated GAH curator/collector: Rob Gonzalez :-)

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Item description Item pictures
Mego 8" prototype GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Ralph Doll
  • ONLY 3 to 4 in existence up to date
  • (full provenance from the 2 big time collectors: MEGO collector/author: John Bonavita and from the owner before: John McGonagle or MacGonagle! [RIP!!])
  • Yep the same doll as seen in the MEGO book published.
  • IMHO the best version avail.
  • We had some wild offers north of $$$$$
1982 GREATEST AMERICAN HERO TV satin crew Jacket + Cannell Production Button Pin GAHCrewJacketFront.jpg (32554 bytes) GAHCrewJacketBack.jpg (33786 bytes)
William Katt's screen used outfit wardrobe prop
  • Purchased on ebay from Super38 Armando Alvarez aka Super Hollywood.
  • Authenticity: ?
GAHWilliamKattPropOutfit.jpg (61413 bytes)
1986 GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Heroine pilot female screen used outfit wardrobe prop
  • worn by Mary Ellen Stuart.
  • 2-3 in existence.
  • Purchased on ebay from Super38 Armando Alvarez aka Super Hollywood.
  • Authenticity: ?
GAHeroinePropOutfit.jpg (52845 bytes)
Original screen used Belt Buckle prop (2) for the Hero & Heroine outfits.
  • Quite heavy with some weight and heft.
  • One was purchased from the Heather Holmberg auction on November 15, 1998.
  • The other was included from one of the outfits above.
GAHBeltBucklesFront.jpg (35219 bytes) GAHBeltBucklesBack.jpg (42079 bytes)
custom made 1 of a kind suit box replica by Robert Gonzalez.
  • No plans for more to be made at all.
 GAHSuitBox1.jpg (28920 bytes) GAHSuitBox2.jpg (18721 bytes)
custom made 1/1 scale Instruction Book replica.
  • Made from VHS screen captures before the DVD

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screen used prop Space Shuttle from the episode "Shock will kill you".
  • The tiny figure up close looks like Mr. Bill IMHO.
  • This was purchased from the Heather Holmberg auction on November 15, 1998. 
PICS of the Heather Holmberg auction catalogue from November 15, 1998.
  • Should have bidded on all the lots :-)
  • We won 2 lots: screen used belt buckle and the prop Space Shuttle.
  • Have yet to see another GAH lot for sale.
  • Most props SOLD from the auction have been resold via ebay, privately or Profiles in History from our research.
GAHAuctionCatalog1.jpg (35151 bytes) GAHAuctionCatalog2.jpg (52120 bytes) GAHAuctionCatalog3.jpg (56883 bytes)
Mego GREATEST AMERICAN HERO 3 3/4" Action Figures & VW Bug set.
  • Must have collectible.
  • The box artwork itself was colorful and just plain beautiful. WOW and POP!
  • We had 4 or 5 sets of these.
  • ALL extras have long been SOLD :-)
GAHMegoBoxSet1.jpg (54247 bytes) GAHMegoBoxSet2.jpg (67104 bytes) GAHMegoBoxSet3.jpg (59476 bytes) 
Mego 8" prototype PAM Doll
  • 2 in existence up to date
  • purchased directly from collector/author: John Bonavita
RARE Greatest American Hero 8" Mego PAM Prototype Doll

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Mego 8" prototype artwork backer Cards: Ralph & Bill Doll line
  • purchased directly from MEGO collector/author: John Bonavita
GAHMegoPrototypeBackerRalphBill1.jpg (73360 bytes) GAHMegoPrototypeBackerRalphBill2.jpg (78798 bytes) GAHMegoPrototypeBackerRalphBill3.jpg (63835 bytes)
custom 1 of a kind Disney Mickey Mouse beanie
  • gift from my best friend Rob G.
  • for my wife's B-day.
  • New updates pics to come as we met Mr Katt @ our local Wondercon convention and had him sign the tag and a pic of him holding it too :-)
GAHBeanie1.jpg (49268 bytes) GAHBeanie2.jpg (48436 bytes) GAHBeanie3.jpg (34730 bytes)
custom made GREATEST AMERICAN HERO 8" doll made from a retail Shazam 8" MEGO.
  • This was done before owning the real deal 8" prototype and 2007 FX show release :-)
GAHMegoDollCustom1.jpg (43206 bytes) GAHMegoDollCustom2.jpg (24348 bytes) GAHMegoDollCustom3.jpg (22530 bytes)
From Korea Import playing cards UNCUT sheet 9" X 6" collectible oddity GAHCard.jpg (79436 bytes) GAHCard2.jpg (39824 bytes)
CIC Video VHS tape Pilot episode in German.
  • The artwork on the outer sleeve warrant this collectible purchase.
GAHVHSPal.jpg (53461 bytes)
GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Theme piano music sheet GAHMusicSheet.jpg (27694 bytes)
custom 8" Mego artwork box made by Robert Gonzalez of what could have, should have if this was made commercially to the retail side. GAHMegoBox1.jpg (53233 bytes)  GAHMegoBox2.jpg (43559 bytes) GAHMegoBox3.jpg (45448 bytes) GAHMegoBox4.jpg (40252 bytes)
TV guide w & w/o address label. Beautiful colorful cover artwork. GAHTVGuide.jpg (52326 bytes) GAHTVGuideNoLabel.jpg (47536 bytes) 
45LP record theme by Joey Scarbury GAH45LP.jpg (15935 bytes)
RARE UNUSED OFFICIAL 1982 ATARI ACTIVISION Starmaster Contest Video Game T-Shirt promotion GAHActivisionTShirtFront.jpg (37795 bytes) GAHActivisionTShirtBack.jpg (34714 bytes)
Super Mag GAHSuperMag.jpg (32548 bytes)
TV News magazine GAHTVNews.jpg (37461 bytes)
TV Time magazine
Chipmunks Goes Hollywood LP record with GAH theme GAHChipmunksLPFront.jpg (48491 bytes) GAHChipmunksLPBack.jpg (56057 bytes)
cast autographs Connie Sellecca, William Katt and Bill Culp GAHCastAutographs.jpg (46782 bytes)
custom non sports cards by Robery Gonzalez GAHCustomNonSportCards.jpg (25893 bytes)
Bananas magazine GAHBananasMag.jpg (39276 bytes)
Cracked magazine GAHCrackedMag.jpg (58214 bytes)
MAD magazine GAHMadMag.jpg (50563 bytes)
Dynamite magazine: GAH & Superman! GAHDynamiteMag.jpg (51152 bytes)
Epi-Log Journal #4 magazine GAHEpilogMag.jpg (50078 bytes)
Newfoundland Herald magazine GAHHeraldMag.jpg (32237 bytes)
Playgirl magazine GAHPlayGirlMag.jpg (41150 bytes)
Unaired original script GAHScriptUnaired.jpg (31195 bytes)
original GAH slides from Press Kit GAHSlides.jpg (17344 bytes)
Starlog magazine GAHStarlogMag.jpg (56996 bytes)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV magazine GAHStLouisTVGuide.jpg (50265 bytes)
Register TV magazine GAHTheRegisterTVMag.jpg (34924 bytes)
TV Guide cast GAHTVGuideCast.jpg (46614 bytes)
TV Guide William Katt GAHTVGuideWKatt.jpg (48232 bytes)
TV Week Daily Breeze GAHTVWeekMag.jpg (30976 bytes)
TV Week Magazine GAHTVWeekMag2.jpg (37694 bytes)
US magazine GAHUSMag.jpg (41667 bytes)
SuperHero Illustrated Guide Book Epi-log GAHGuidebook.jpg (50274 bytes)
RARE publicity card
misc. articles on GAH & William Katt #1 GAHWKattLot1.jpg (47281 bytes) GAHWKattLot2.jpg (62019 bytes)
misc. articles on GAH & William Katt #2   GAHWKattLot3.jpg (53438 bytes) GAHWKattLot4.jpg (61382 bytes)
Official Greatest American Hero Ralph Hinkley Maquette statue Limited Edition statue to 750 worldwide 329/400 William Katt
  • Hand painted cold cast resin
  • Limited Edition to 750 worldwide
  • Under the box in writing 329/400
  • Officially licensed.
  • Electric Tiki
  • $200
GAHStatue1.jpg (134471 bytes) GAHStatue2.jpg (117576 bytes) GAHStatue3.jpg (128819 bytes) GAHStatue4.jpg (109322 bytes) GAHStatue5.jpg (63946 bytes)
2007 FX Show MEGO Greatest American Hero 8" doll Alter Ego Ralph Hinkley staff version Ltd Ed to 100 William Katt
  • Signed by WIlliam Katt
  • [RARE Alter Ego Secret Identity Ralph Hinkley version]
  • Has his red jammies underneath minus the cape.
  • This was only available to the FX show staff.
  • Cast Away Toys Resealable clamshell casing. Open and enjoy :-)
  • Card itself actually opens up into a huge backdrop artwork by Chris Casteel.
  • Beautiful Jack Davis artwork of MAD magazine fame.
  • 00281 silver decal sticker on bubble
  • FX Authentic hologram decal 00684
  • Certificate of Authenticity card FX00681 1/28/07 3:45pm
  • Limited to 100 pieces worldwide!
2007 FX Show MEGO Greatest American Hero 8" doll Signed by head sculptor Scott Fensterer William Katt
  • Signed by the artist: Scott Fensterer who sculpted the head
  • [Regular Ralph Hinkley version].
  • This was the version sold to the public at the FX show.
  • Cast Away Toys resealable clamshell casing. Open and enjoy :-)
  • Card itself actually opens up into a huge backdrop artwork by Chris Casteel.
  • Beautiful Jack Davis artwork of MAD magazine fame.
  • Limited to 500 pieces worldwide!
GAH DVD promo retail store cape pics pending
custom 8" Greenguy Alien boxed set + saucer PICS SOON ONCE COMPLETED
custom 8" Greatest American Heroine Doll PICS SOON ONCE COMPLETED
custom 8" Alter Ego Ralph Hinckley in tweed jacket & briefcase PICS SOON ONCE COMPLETED

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