1984 to 1986 hutch trickstar bmx freestyle bike trick star

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The beginning and progression of our original old school to now mix school HUTCH TRICKSTAR Daily Rider. Our plans is to restore this beauty back to how i had it set-up with some upgrades: Peregrine HP Super PRO 48s triple chrome plated. Clean up the GT POWER SERIES 3 piece cranks.


Our daily rider mixschool 1985 HUTCH TRICKSTAR built with parts i had as a teen back in 1985 to newer technologies of 2012. Over $1,000 was invested into this rider. Well worth the $$$ spent to bridge the old to new technologies together and have some 1980s PINK color scheme added to the mix. The older parts are awaiting restoration or may come back to this bike in the future!!
  • HUTCH TRICK STAR frame: 1985 US model, serial number 1051993, purchased from our neighbor Mark or Marc for $50 back in the mid to late 1980s. Was baby blue originally. Have been painted with a a TLC low cost KRYLON GUN METAL metallic BLACK spray paint. Frame was dipped in Oxalic acid, cleaned, wet sanded, prepped and more. Originally was [BABY BLUE], Repainted by my friend [METALLIC GUN METAL BLACK]

  • HUTCH TRICKSTAR fork: US model, long peg, survivor [CHROME]

  • GRIPS: A'ME grips, new school font [BLACK]

  • DONUTS: 1980s MCS GLONUTS, Neoprene Donuts [DAY GLOW PINK]

  • HANDLEBAR PROTECTORS: Peregrine PYOTT Bar Ends, protect your handlebars drop rashes and drops. [BLACK]

  • HANDLEBAR: 1996 Hoffman Bikes Low Drag handlebars [CHROME]

  • STEM: 1990s GT Mallet stem, Made in Taiwan version and setup for the ACS rotor which we did not use, originally was [PURPLE], now repainted [METALLIC GUN METAL BLACK]


  • HEADSET: GT Epoch Headset, the only headset i run that never loosens up or gave me problem. Have been using them since their inception.

  • BRAKE LEVERS: Dia Compe TECH-77 Locking Brake Levers as i use and still own my original pair of Tech 7s from BITD [BLACK/SILVER]

  • FRONT BRAKE: REVENGE Industries 990 U-brake, CNC, sealed ball bearings Made in the USA. Smooth as butter and no flex MSRP $75 [BLACK] Dia Tech Flexie used to curve the brake cable smoothly from the front brake into the steerer tube.

  • FRONT BRAKE PAD: Odyssey 2x4 to match our tall wall rims [BLACK]

  • FRONT 990 U-brake plate: Diatech 990 U-brake plate. [BLACK]

  • REAR BRAKE: St Martin 990 U-brake, 6061 T6 Alloy, flat face ball bearing pivots MSRP $44.95 [BLACK]

  • REAR BRAKE PAD: Odyssey 2x4 to match our tall wall rims [BLACK]

  • REAR 990 U-brake plate: Diatech 990 U-brake plate [BLACK]

  • BRAKE CABLES: Shadow Conspiracy Linear brake lines with Teflon, smooth non binding set-up [PINK]

  • REAR BRAKE CABLE SETUP: Odyssey London Mod for equal smooth pulling power for the rear [BLACK]

  • SEAT: HUTCH HI-CALIBER padded seat [BLACK]

  • SEATPOST: Bedlam Bikes laidback. Homage to the SST Command seatpost. SPECS: .083 thick 4130 chromoly tubing. Made in the USA. No more worries about bending your seatposts whatsoever [PINK]

  • CHAIN: vintage D.I.D. as i did BITD


  • CRANKS: PRIMO Powerbite 165m 3 piece cranks. Homage to the GT Power Series cranks i still own from BITD.[BLACK]

  • PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC pedals. They glow in the dark too. [PINK]

  • TIRES: PRIMO Dirt Monster Tan Skinwall 20x1.75, 60psi [BLACK]

  • INNER TUBE: Slime Smart tubes. Schrader valve. [BLACK]

  • FRONT RIM: SUN Ringle BLACK LABEL 20" BMX 48 hole double wall rim, hand polished aluminum so missing the decal. [CHROME]

  • FRONT HUB: DK Bicycles 3/8" hub, SEALED bearings, ultra butter smooth

  • REAR RIM: SUN Ringle BLACK LABEL 20" BMX 48 hole double wall rim, hand polished aluminum so missing the decals. [CHROME]

  • REAR HUB: uncommon to rare vintage 1980s Suntour 48 hole coaster brake hub. Also added an NOS ACS Freecoaster doo-hickey as i rode BITD = Back In The Day. You can change from riding Freewheel to Coaster brake via twisting 2 knobs. By default i ride coaster full-time PLUS for Flatland Trickery no more pedals moving backwards. Plus i feel safer using coaster vs the hand brakes even though the 990s spot on a dime. Heavy setup not for everyone but am use to it and i don't ride any other way.

  • SPOKES: USA 14G stainless steel spokes. Made in the USA.

  • CUSTOM WHEEL BUILDING: Cross lacing. Built on April 2008 by www.FlatLandFuel.com Quality worry free build.

  • REAR PEGS: Tioga Roll-On Pegs, 24 TPI, I rode with these BITD and have loved them [PINK]

  • TIRE VALVE COVERS: HUTCH Bad Caps. Homage to the HUTCH RAD caps which goes for $$$. [PINK]

  • DETAILS: Old and new school stickers and skateboard grip tape added to various areas.



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1986 HUTCH TRICK STAR frame ONLY candy blue Made in Japan survivor with seatmast fix $208.88 shipped in the USA SOLD

As of Dec 1, 2012 the candy blue fork are paid in full and SOLD!! Price is now just for the frame!

  • baseball serial number: 6A00240
  • Made in Japan version
  • survivor Candy metal flake blue over chrome
  • Trickstar fork peg measures: 1 1/4" in length
  • Frame and fork is straight and true. No dings, dents but this following flaw: cracked seat mast area but have been fixed by our local automotive muffler welder. Buyer needs to dremel or sandy down the welds inside and outside before attempting to dry fit a seatpost. FYI As of now seatpost will not fit due to excess weld present inside.
  • $250 fork shipped SOLD Donnie
  • $208.88 SOLD

1985 HUTCH TRICK STAR frame ONLY Made in the USA. Powdered baby blue frame $398.88 SOLD

As of Nov 12, 2012 the metallic blue fork have been SOLD!!! Price is now just for the frame!

  • US serial number: 0850938
  • Made in USA version
  • repainted HUTCH baby blue for the frame and not sure if the fork was a survivor or repainted metallic flake blue.
  • very clean beautiful frame and fork combo. Was one of our daily riders. Comes with a TIOGA headset
  • Trickstar fork peg measures: 1 1/2" in length
  • Frame and fork is straight and true. No dings or dents.
  • $398.88 SOLD


1985 HUTCH TRICK STAR frame ONLY Made in the USA Blemished chrome $298.88 SOLD
  • US serial number: 0850938
  • Made in USA version
  • was told this was originally Futuristic Black?!
  • FYI TS fork was SOLD to Woody Itson for his Pink TS build :-) Was one of our daily riders.
  • nice excellent USA frame.
  • frame is straight and true. 2 small dings found: underneath the lower frame tube [PIC#11] and rear at the looptail section [PIC#12]. SEE PICS for details.
  •  $298.88 SOLD
HUTCH Trickstar frame, fork & headset. Made in Japan 100% original survivor used PINK. SOLD --
HUTCH TRICKSTAR fork, long peg version. CHROME. Made in the USA? 100% original survivor condition. We found a small ding as seen in picture #3 at the peg area. We have since wrapped the peg with skateboard grip tape. This will be stripped, restored and repowdered to pair up with our original baby blue TS.
  • currently used on our daily rider mix school Trickstar
HUTCH TRICKSTAR US survivor fork, short peg version. PINK Made in the USA. $260 SOLD
  • 100% original survivor condition.
  • straight and not bent or crooked in any way.
  • Pegs have been wrapped with skateboard grip tape.
  • Currently being used on our mixschool TS.
  • We paid $300 plus shipping just for this fork from snorton on ebay.


HUTCH TRICKSTAR fork, short peg version. WHITE Made in the USA. 100% original survivor condition. SOLD --

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