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[custom Battlestar Galactica Cylon Sanctuary MP3 made by Chris Dexter]

NOTE: 100+ thumb nailed JPEGS below!

Why "Sanctuary" you may ask? Ode to the classic movie and TV series "Logan's Run." We wanted a name to evoke a sense of Peace and Harmony away from current events and the masses in general.

Theme: OPEN :-)

Why we went this route? Many reasons as followed: Tired of waiting in line. $10 a person admission. $5 drink. $5 popcorn. $15 to $20 Parking fee with possible door dings to new vehicle. Cleanliness questionable. Body fluids? ;-p YEACH!! Dirty floors. Unruly people. Out of focus video. Convergence & more needed nit wit! Unbalanced sound. Sweet spot to the movie taken. Tall hair. Loud obnoxious cell phone texting totting teens and others. Morons with those pocket laser pointers. Again unruly people :-) Priced to kill condiments. Again only applicable to what we had experienced. NOTE: I use to work for 2 local movie theaters in the Marina District area during my teenage years. The synergistic effects of the above mentioned negatives solidified this MUST DIY project.

Friends whom will aide in this year long plus project: Some very good close friends [family-like] to aide in our long journey into the extreme :-) Arthur Chew helped with many long hauls/drives from Long Beach, CA back to San Francisco. [Arthur brought all those wonderful Disney Store Displays in his Dodge RAM truck!!] Jim Modie and Mario will aide in the electrical and as our true home theater supplier e.g. actual used home theater seats, podium, velvet rope and more. My best friend Rob Gonzalez will be assisting in the visuals and interior decorating. Specifications of our system below. 99% of the items will be purchased via online e.g. eBay, Audiogon and other sources. Currently scouring and or lurking the www for more info. The research always continues forward and onwards.

ROOM SPECIFICATIONS: Chimney and book shelves present in the front area. Living Room has 3 windows on the right side with Ocean Views. DVD Media racks took the whole left side of the wall. Over 3,000 DVDs as of 2015]  SPECS: HEIGHT: 8 feet 3 inches -- Rear width: 12 feet or 144 inches -- Rear center [octagon like shape with 3 windows which will be changed out for dual pane with inner mount motorized blackout blinds combined with motorized curtains on the outer section]: about 14 feet 2 inches [NOTE: Great idea from our good friend Hilton: Custom bench and combo a/v equipment rack with custom fan cooling will be built at the octagon area to square out the room plus take advantage of the Ocean views. This will free up the current AV rack] -- Front projection screen area: 12 feet or 144 inches -- Room length: 17 feet 5 inches -- Seating distance from the projection screen: exactly 13 feet --

CEILING: TRON GRID theme ceiling will be flat matte black with GLOW blue lines highlights which can be left on or turned off during gaming and movies. A secondary star projector will be used for the starfield ceiling effects: SEGA Homestar Pro 2nd edition with 60,000 stars or Star Wars R2-D2 with 10,000 stars! Sides and carpet and decor are OPEN to suggestions.

WALL SIDES and what will fill the void: dark blue or red hue maybe? Right now we have 5 DVD/CD wall mounted expandable racks. Archival UV quality movie poster holder: 1 sheet and 3 sheet. Klipsch, DTS, Dolby Digital, THX signage. Custom NEON or LED "SANCTUARY CINEMA HT" marquee signage. Custom noise resilient Home Theater padding/carpeting will be added to the surround walls. Surrounding with be decorated with screen used original movie and TV props in lighted shadow boxes. Authentic movie reels, clapper board, filmstrip wallpaper top molding trim and more. A custom sculpted Mickey Mouse shaped table with Mickey's hands holding up our projector. [May de-clutter it all till further notice]

FLOOR: Commercial grade authentic movie theater high traffic carpet.

SOUNDPROOFING: 5/8" regular sheetrock with green glue double stacked on the outside. 2 layers of the same cut inside the studs in the ceilings and walls with quiet clips or sound isolation clips to decouple the ceiling and walls. Pretty much the whole house will get this treatment!!

OTHER MISC. stuff added for realism and as a purist: Popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, partial ticket attendant booth podium and maybe a Candy concession stand filled with large box size move theater sweets.

The ideas above can or will change any second :-) This is our journal to jot down ideas we may or may not used.

ALSO since we live in an Earthquake area. ALL items will be secured with QUAKE HOLD products.

| www.THX.com -- www.DTSonline.com -- www.Dolby.com -- www.SDDS.com |

Speaker company we support because of the great sound and superb A+++ customer service: |-- www.Klipsch.com --|

Recommended Home Theater sites: |-- www.AmateurHomeTheater.com/ -- www.AVSForum.com -- www.ProjectorCentral.com -- www.AudioGON.com --|

The website which started to fuel our passion into HT: Star Trek Themed Home Theater AKA The Bridge: |-- http://www.reighn.com --|

Steve's beautiful EXTREME Home Theater, a great reference, check out that beautiful oval fiber optic starfield ceiling with painting: |--http://theater.stevejenkins.com/gallery/complete/ --|

MUST READ! Great step by step DIY [Do It Yourself] Home Theater write up. Frugal, $ strapped individuals and or out of the box thinkers: |--http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/cinema/index.html --|

Terminator themed Home Theater: |-- http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=1930459&uid=1032597&members=1 --|

Innovative DNP Optics projection screens. WOW use your projector with the lights on? | -- www.ScreenInnovations.com -- www.SuperNovaScreen.com --|

Fixed frames projection screens, good quality and prices if compared to Da-Lite or Stewart. More bang for your money. |-- www.Carada.com --|

A must have reference uber HI END HT book Theo Kalomirakis IMHO, they have raised the bar of HT to a whole new level, money is not the object here: |--www.TKTheaters.com --|

Companies that builds custom Home Theater DVD intros in Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 streams. Prices from $49.99 to $200+ |-- www.DigitalForge.com --www.CinemaWise.com -- http://www.hometheaterama.com/index.php --|

Equipment choices: Nothing set in stone as we're uber retentive :-) We will change our choices till we fulfill the best bang or quality for the $ for the long term. Below is the humble beginnings of SANCTUARY.

Optoma HD141x DLP 1080p 3D projector
  • Calibrated by myself with some settings found online.

  • No real problems with the so called Rainbow effects but they are there when you are looking for them.

  • Using True Depth 3D Firestorm LT Lightweight rechargeable glasses DLP link. No emitter needed.

  • Setup in 1080p and 3D when avail :-)

  • Currently using a wall mounted shelf

  • Retail: $1,200

SANYO PLV-Z4 LCD native 16:9 projector with motorized shutter door

[closed --- OPEN]

RETIRED on Jan 18, 2015

  • 480p, 720p & 1080i. Motorized open and close shutter, IRIS control, lighted remote, HDMI and more. Our small review on this projector.
  • Retail: $2000.
  • Screen door effect not a problem at our viewing distance.
  • Beautiful film like images out of the box e.g. Toy Story, Lord of the Rings.
  • Calibration was done all by myself.
  • We have it currently setup in 720p to 1080i.

NOTE: We will continue to use this projector and NOT UPGRADE will we see a glasses free DLP 3D 1080p or 4K projector in the same price range. We shall wait as we are not early adopters.

HOLDER: Mickey Mouse Film Reel head with 2 Mickey Mouse trademark hands/gloves holding up the projector shelf with velvet flexible arms protruding from the back wall. We may opt for a faux mouse tail also to hide the HDMI and AC cables.

Right now it's on a Peerless multi-mount wall mount model PM 600 MSRP: $50.00

Current projection screen: Elite Screens 125" 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio AT acoustically transparent motorized screen

RETIRING Feb 25, 2015

motorized drop down IR projection screen in 4:3 ratio [NOT USED in this ratio anymore as it was matched to our very 1st projector: DELL 3200mp 4:3 DLP projector ]


motorized drop down IR projection screen in 16:9 mode + blacked out casing with authentic movie theater black masking tape


UPGRADED TO: Elite Screens 125" 16:9 widescreen ratio acoustically transparent motorized projection screen ceiling mounted
  • View Size: 61.3" H x 109" W. Overall Size: 72.7" H x 122.2" W. Black Case.
  • AcousticPro1080P2, 1.0 Gain. Angular weaved, acoustically transparent front projection screen material with 160 degree viewing angle.
  • IR remote, detachable 3-way wall switch and 12V trigger cable.
  • Currently ceiling mounted with the Elite Screens Mounting Bracket ZVMAXLB6-B kit

SOLD via CL $120. 4:3 full frame 100" or 102" Elite Screen Home Series motorized projection screen: matte white with 1.3 gain. IR remote control. MSRP: $1000.00 NOTE:  Even though a 4:3 ratio. It's been set-up to drop down at the 16:9 Widescreen ratio.

This screen will be up for sale soon to help pay for our new screen :-)

FYI: The outer white casing have been completely blacked out with projection screen border masking tape from Dazian. Another reason to used authentic projection masking border tape. Cheap $11 + shipping via Dazian on eBay.


November/December 2004 Robb Report Home Entertainment Magazine : Klipsch THX Ultra2 speakers review. Many more positive owner reviews located online.

This is what SOLD me on the speakers!!

SANUS Euro Furniture series II EFAB-6 mkII modular AV Audio Video Rack

WILL BE RETIRED SOON as custom build A/V will be built into a bench.

Purchased as 6 shelves MSRP: $450. We added 2 more shelves. MSRP for each additional shelf $50. You can have a max total of 8 shelves. We hope to have a retail or custom swivel rotating base made to alleviate back problems + easier access to cable management and connections.

FYI we just upgraded 1 shelf level from the norm 8" height with12" pillars so we can finally shelf the "Fat Bastard" INTEGRA DTR-10.5

To access the rear of the electronics we have decided to take matters into our own hands. Since the manufacturer paid no attention to our needs. We went to the local Home Depot and found a 300 lb dolly for cheap $9.99. We placed the stand on top of the dolly and then we used heavy grade plastic wire ties to strap the dolly to the A/V rack base. Looks pretty good and works well on the carpet. We will be building a skirt to completely hide the dolly in the future. This will alleviate any possible back problems or injuries to oneself. We like to tinker so this is a much needed feature on all AV racks.

In the future all the equipments will be hidden in our custom side bench and combo audio video rack to take advantage of the Ocean Views. Custom air conditioning will be added to cool the equipment.

Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.1 speakers

Currently FOR SALE $6,500 CASH local sales and will inclue the seating.

Add $500 to $700 for shipping. Seats not included!


  • 3 qty LCR: KL-650 MSRP $1,200 each
  • 1 pair KS-525 dipole surrounds MSRP $1250 pair
  • 2 qty KL-525 monopole rears MSRP $1,000 each
  • 2 qty KW-120 12" subwoofers MSRP $1250
  • 1 qty KA-1000 sub woofer amp MSRP $1400

$13,000 TOTAL RETAIL. 5 year warranty to boot. Customer service has always been A+ with Klipsch. We've had some amp problems with our PC speakers: ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Multimedia speakers and they RMA and paid for shipping both ways twice!!! One of the reason why we stuck with this brand. They sound and perform well beyond our expectations.

A HUGE Thank you to authorized Klipsch dealer Sean Keys in Montgomery, Alabama: Southern Audio & Video. 100% worry free seller. This was a major $$$$$$ purchase we bought online sight unseen!!! [Read the Home Entertainment review above as to why we love these speakers so much. This is what solidify our decision to purchase these speakers] Yes, we bought these without demoing them :-) We love these speakers to death. My friends concurred with us also on the sound quality!! These kick major a@@ to say the least. You either love or hate horn based speakers! 

FUTURE WANT: ADDING 2 more KLIPSCH KW-120s 12" subwoofers with another KA-1000 amp. Looking to cause a rumble and really recreate that movie experience. We want you to feel the BASS during a Dinosaur chase scene or when a gun battle ensues. NO heart attacks please!! Weak hearts and ears need not drop on by. Bring your own hearing protection if needed :-)

KL-650 LCR: Left Center Right KL-525 rears left and right KS-525 surrounds
- - -
KW-120 12" subwoofers x 2 qty. Each sub includes a 20 foot Ultra Series THX 1000 Monster Cables with NL2 SpeakOn connection. WOW garden hose thickness! KA-1000 watt in 8ohm Class D subwoofer amp Klipsch THX Ultra2
- - -

NOTE: The front LCR speaker stands have been retired as our LCR speakers are now shelved and hidden behind an AT projection screen!!

SANUS Steel Foundations 22" Speaker stands for our LCR [Left Center Right]: SF22 $149.99 pair MSRP for our LCR. Cannot wait to get these puppy filled up with steel shot to weigh them down! www.Sanus.com

OmniMount wall mounts: 60.0 STMP for KL-525s rear surrounds --- 20.0 for KS-525 rear side surround. www.OmniMount.com

Found some used 3 qty Omnimount 60.0 speaker mounts for our LCR KL-650 speakers!!!

YAMAHA RX V-677 receiver Still in the box awaiting installation :-)
INTEGRA DTR-10.5 THX Ultra2 7.1 modular receiver


Integra DTR-10-5 THX Ultra2 7.1 all in one modular receiver though the future proof feature is dead.
  • Bought this from the good folks at www.AudioVisionSF.com Thank you to Randy for the deal and the support when 1 of the channels went south. We bought the store display and then got a new unit from all this as UPS dropped the original unit received upon its return from INTEGRA to fix that one bad channel and caved in the rear!!!
  • It's been working perfectly ever since even though it is only HDMI 1.0. 150 watts per channel. IMHO Clean power. --- MSRP: $3500 base --- configured MSRP: $5,000. Weighs in at about 80 lbs. AKA "Fat Bastard"!

various DVD player and gaming systems

1st DVD player: OPPO OPDV971H 1080i with DCDi. DVI to HDMI connection. Optical audio connection. Great all around universal player: SACD, DVD-Audio, MP3, DTS, Dolby Digital and more. Currently setup for all region playback and PAL or NTSC!! Love this multi use DVD playerMSRP: $200 www.OppoDigital.com

2nd DVD player: X-Box 360 with HD player. Component to HDMI adapter connection. 1080p with current projector. Optical audio connection.

3rd DVD player: SONY Playstation 3 slim with blu-ray player. 1080p with current projector. Straight HDMI 1.3 connection. Optical audio connection.

4rd player: NINTENDO Wii. 480p with no upscaling. Component to HDMI adapter connection. Analog stereo L and R audio connection to simulate surround sound using the Dolby Pro Logic II matrix.

dedicated CD player [removed and no longer used]

1990 ONKYO DX-1800 hooked up via analog left and right

Laser Disc LD player [removed and no longer used]

Pioneer Laser Disc CLD-3080 hooked up via S-Video and Optical audio. May reused once we organize our laser disc collection.
UPS, AC surge suppressor and Power Conditioner. We have 3 total in use.



1. ADCOM ACE -615 Retail was $500. Series Mode. 2 years warranty

2. (2 qty) Tripp-Lite SMART PRO UPS 1000VA with LCD, offers voltage regulation, surge suppression and battery back-up support. Retail was $200 each. Used in conjunction with our projector. You may mount this vertical of horizontal. Very cool and cheaply priced!

FUTURE PURCHASE: We're looking to buy: APC S15 Power Conditioner $1500 retail with added battery for extended protection.

After extensive research we prefer the SM Series Mode surge suppressors over the disposable sacrificial MOV Metal Oxide Varistor based surge suppressors. NOTE: Any so called surge protectors or anything with a joules rating have disposable/sacrificial components. Do your research via your www favorite search engine. Not all MOV based items are bad!

Various Series Mode vendors: www.ADcom.com, www.BrickWall.comwww.SurgeX.com, www.RichardGraysPowerCompany.com NOTE: Some of the RGPC items uses MOVs, www.FurmanSound.com

MOV components used vendors:  www.Panamax.com and www.MonsterCable.com, www.APC.com

Custom Smart Home accessories & whole smart home controller + cables, wires etc... www.SmartHome.com x10 and more.

For all your cable and wire needs we recommend www.monoprice.com No reason to waster money of the other brands.

FYI our research continues: we are looking to build custom speaker wires with 45 degree banana plug on one end and spade connectors on the opposite + custom subwoofer Y cable 7.1 configuration.

  • KLIPSCH KL-650 LCR: 40 feet Left Center and Right, 3 qty
  • KLIPSCH KL-525 REAR Back Surrounds: 30 feet Left and Right, 2 qty
  • KLISCH KS-525 REAR Side Surrounds: 40 feet Left and Right, 2 qty
  • KLIPSCH KA-1000 SUB amplifier to KW-120 subwoofer: 40 feet subwoofer cables with NL2 SpeakOn connection, 2 qty
AV Mechanica ALPHA WM-512 Wall racks. 5 qty


RETIRING SOON to elsewhere

www.AvMechanica.com 5 qty black ALPHA WM-512 wall mounted expandable racks for 1000+ DVDs. MSRP: $225 per rack. DAMN we need more :-) We already ran out of room. Had to make way for HD and Blu-ray 1080p. As of Feb 2015 I think we are over 3,000+ DVDs now!!!!
Universal Remote Control NEEDED From my research some type of touchscreen tablet either Android or iOS based with an app to do this or the Logitech Harmony 1100.

12+ seat capacity.

  • 7 IRWIN Ambassador commercial movie theatre seating [BLUE color]

  • 1 Sharper Image iJoy Massage Chair

  • 1 Directors Chair

SELLING THE WHOLE SETUP for a more laid back comfortable design sofa couch.

FRONT 1st row: 3 qty IRWIN Ambassador commercial movie theatre seating [BLUE color]

REAR 2nd row:  4 qty IRWIN Ambassador commercial movie theatre seating [BLUE color]

FRONT and REAR rows will be built on custom risers with taller riser on the rear row seating. Heavy duty locking casters will be attached to each corner so we can move the seats around and configure to our liking.

1 qty Sharper Image iJoy Turbo2 Robotic Massage chair in Faux black suede. $799.95 retail. For those with back problems and just want a relaxing massage to decompress a hard days work away.

2 temp folding padded chairs from Costco will be used for the meantime.

1 American Idol Coke Coca Cola brand Director chair style

AS NOTED EARLIER ABOVE: Custom padded Bench and combo audio video rack will be built near the 3 windows octagon shaped area to take advantage of the Ocean views and add 3 to 5 more seating for kids and adults alike :-)

Various original used or unused Movie Theater decor: 1.5 & 2" marquee lettering, theater worker jacket, real unused tickets, popcorn advertisement mobile and vintage velvet rope.  
movie memorabilia  will adorn the walls.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971 movie of all 5 golden ticker winner autographs. Purchased on eBay from MikeTeeVee himself Paris T. Beautiful framing done by my best friend Robert Gonzalez

Classic Video game systems. We need some type of video game composite selector. Don't know how they will look on the projector. Research pending.. Don't mock me :-) I'm an old school classic gamer/collector. We need to find a way to display and play our vintage classic video game systems: ATARI 2600, 5200, 7800 and Jaguar, Colecovision, Nintendo 8 bit, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Odyssey 2, Super Nintendo, and Vectrex. We have an extensive library of 1000+ boxed and loose games for these system. All of these systems minus the Nintendo Virtual Boy & Vectrex will be hacked/modded with composite audio/video outputs and or SVideo. NO MORE legacy static prone TV/Game switchboxes!! Going back into the 1970s and 1980s! A sampling of our Classic Video Collection below. Remember PONG?

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