Shogun Warriors Jumbo Machinders collectibles and memorabilia exhibit

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Super 7 super shogun Stormtrooper Star Wars MIB Jumbo Machinder
  • light shelf wear to box. Comes with original shipping box. Toy is unused and never displayed.
  • NOT FOR SALE. Off the market as of current.
Robo con Jumbo Machinder Robocon REPRODUCTION box
  • Nice quality repro box. Wrapped in cellophane.
  • Purchased from Japan.
  • Complete your robocon
  • $250.88
BOXED 1976 Mattel Bandai Shogun Warriors Raydeen Raideen Jumbo Machinder POPY
  • broken shoulder epaulette/shield
  • broken shooting fist
  • overall scratches and used condition
  • shooting chest pin broken
  • comes with 2 Delta Wings but looks like it is for the later version
  • $120
  • SOLD
1980s POPY GB-62 HatChan Robot 8-Chan Chogokin diecast
  • beautiful heavy diecast Chogokin robot
  • comes complete with his cap and wrench tool.
  • no paperwork avail.
  • $59.88
  • SOLD
1975 POPY Shogun Warriors Raydeen, Raideen or Reideen Jumbo Machinder
  • Made in Japan
  • Imported in from a collector in japan.
  • Was SOLD to us in unplayed with condition.
  • $550
  • SOLD
1975 BOXED POPY Shogun Warriors Raydeen, Raideen or Reideen Jumbo Machinder
  • Made in Japan
  • Missing 2 screws on the legs. Easy replacement. You can cull these parts for the common US release if need be.
  • $800
  • SOLD


1975 BOXED POPY Shogun Warriors Mazinga Mazinger Jumbo Machinder
  • Made in Japan
  • $650
  • SOLD


1975 POPY Shogun Warriors Raydeen, Raideen or Reideen Jumbo Machinder
  • Given to us by my high school friend :-)
  • Made in Japan
  • Japanese 1st release version: soft vinyl head, bow-fisted, yellow softer blown-plastic bid plane aka Delta Wings and wheels trucks are molded into the feet. Later versions were screwed in-place.
1976 GO!! GO!! RAIDEEN and YUSHA RAIDEEN TV Heroes Series #3 & #4 children books SET of 2 Raydeen Reideen Shogun Warriors Jumbo Machinder
  • NEAR MINT condition. Some very light storage wear on the edges may be present
  • 1st printing
  • Printed in JAPAN
  • 12 glossy full color, heavy paperboard stock pages
  • contains the lyrics and music sheet to the theme song
  • Each set = 2 books
  • 25 sets in-stock
  • $25 shipped in the USA
1978 POPY Jumbo Machinder Shogun Warriors DAIMOS LEFT fist
  • original Popy Japanese Daimos left fist.
  • Item shows play wear.
  • Great rare item to upgrade your American version Daimos.
  • SOLD
1977 POPY Jumbo Machinder Shogun Warriors GODZILLA LEFT fist non-shooting
  • warrior original Godzilla left non shooting hand.
  • Item shows wear.
  • SOLD

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