1986 KUWAHARA BRAVO KT "Dave Vanderspek" Curb Dogs tribute

aka "VANDER" or "The Flying Dutchman"

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100% ALL NOS or survivor parts used but the RECTOR decal :-)

SOLD on November 10, 2015. The baton have been passed to a true collector!!

[scroll downwards Bee-I-itch ;-p] Many many dog gone bloody pictures. Please use high speed internet. Not dial up friendly!

May 30, 1964  to  October 29, 1988 - 24 years old  - RIP brother as you're greatly missed ;-( They need to make a movie on this?! Hollyweird! I mean Hollywood! Posthumous. God be with you! F**K DRUGS! Any drug dealer(s) whom venture near our abode will receive a complimentary Bullet in the Head ;-p !! J/K Maybe not?! .45, .223 or .308 round to the cranium!

We have been working with DROB aka Maurice Meyer and many others on an in-depth parts list analysis. Trying to build a 1 to 1 exact replica. A huge THANK YOU to the following BMXMuseum members who made this project possible: Jay Brand for the best pic found online up to date on VANDER! Junior Polanco, cool rider brother from the Dominican Republic for IDing various parts for us and parts. Marc Stewart aka kuwahero from the UK for the BRAVO KT decal scans though not used as we found an all original survivor day glo pink BRAVO KT and for IDing the seatpost, seatpost clamp and stem. Lastly we have been in communications with Richard Christiansen of www.FirstOnBoard.com The one who brought us Curb Dogs I and II to VHS and now DVD. BMX Rated The Reno Show will be brought to DVD soon.


LIST of videos and magazines with VANDER. If you have more info LMK!

-PICS below of what we're trying to build/accomplish. Screen captures from the Curb Dogs I and II DVDs-

-Curb Dogs II DVD screen captures below-

TEST FIT STAGE: Bike is not 100% accurate as some parts are still needed and we have not found them yet! Pre-spray bomb black VANDER style.
August 18, 2009 Tuesday 9:30pm PST. Spray Bomb Black was done by the one and only DROB aka Maurice Meyer of the Curb Dogs. THX DROB for the "Christening" and original VANDER posthumous Curb Dogs decal!
September 16, 2009 PICs with a clean background for your eye candy!
Final Stage 100% complete 1 to 1 accuracy is what we are trying to attain. PICS @ the Golden Gate Bridge Memorial BRICK. PICS taken on Friday November 6, 2009


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If you must download, take, steal, borrow, link or photoshop crop out our watermarks from our pictures please do give us credit the very least. Please credit to www.80sKID.com no names need mentioning but our nifty web url OK :-) Keyboard warriors and angry back stabbing forum trolls NOT WANTED HERE!!