1995 Viacom Mattel Nickelodeon SMUD TV commercial screen used wardrobe, prop collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


WANTED & BUYING UNUSED NOS New Old Stock SMUD toys and related stuff!

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Item Pictures of the actual screen used movie or TV PROP Screen captures from our DVD
  • This was given to me many many years ago as a Christmas gift by my high school friend who worked in the industry and was the sculptor of this very character.
  • He also included the cool domed glass case with base!!!
  • From his recollection only 2 exist as of current.
  • FYI he owns the purple version.
  • The remainder were thrown out to the garbage!!!???
  • Will have my friend add in the eyes later. They were just hole punched paper.
You can find the original SMUD commercial on YouTube. See the GREEN fellow in use.


1995 Mattel Viacom Nickelodeon SMUD MINI-PRESS activity set
  • Used but 100% complete with all the accessories
1995 Mattel Viacom Nickelodeon SMUD TUNER activity set
  • MINT Factory SEALED
1995 Mattel Viacom Nickelodeon SMUD BLUE color
  • 2 different face molds
1995 Mattel Catalog
  • NEW OLD STOCK purchased from ex Mattel employee
  • pages 60 to 65 SMUD section

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