PREDATOR "Blain" Jesse Ventura Halloween costume cosplay with "OLD PAINLESS" or "Ol' PAINLESS" M134 Gatling Minigun ammo backpack collectibles and memorabilia exhibit

Homage to one of the coolest Popcorn action flick movie from the 1980s. US DELTA Force. Alpha male. 1 liners, Portable Gatling minigun weapon and explosions!

We could have gone for a 1/1 replica but decided we are not after realism. We wanted to build from stuff found around the house first.

IN THE WORKS: we are planning to build a much more realistic version once we locate the following parts: M60 handgaurd, 400 round M23 Helicopter ammo feed subsystem box with the lid and related labels, 3 to 4 feet of 7.62 ammo ammunition feed chute with the proper ammo and gun clip connector ends. :-) Once i locate these parts then i will focus on building the M134 Gatling Minigun. Made famous by the movies: PREDATOR and later TERMINATOR II.

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  • Building "OLD PAINLESS" The Ultimate Dart shooter for my 8 year old son. Matching Father and son costumes for 2014 Halloween.
  • AMMO BELT: We connected the older OOP = Out Of Production PUNISHER branded Air Zone 12 qty x 25 each ammo belts together to form a total 300 rounds of NERF like darts!! That's a lot of darts flying!
  • CUSTOM AMMUNITION FEED CHUTE BRAINSTORM: 3 to 4 feet in length to hide and encapsulate the ammo belt! OR a faux ammo belt for looks: combinations of draw dividers from DAISO, spacers and 2 large diameter cables??!!
  • AMMO BOX: All held inside a cardboard USPS shipping box we found in our garage. Perfect size. We used $10 worth of Gorilla tape vs spray painting the cardboard box to get that BLACK Military look. I know in the movie the m23 ammo can box subsystem is an Olive Drab Green right? BOX SIZE: 19 3/4" x 15 3/8" x 4 3/8"
  • AMMO BOX REVISION UPGRADE: We had to strengthen all the corners and edges of the box since the top section got warped from the uneven ALICE frame mounting. Will be using fiber board to strengthen the front and back sections. Heavy duty furniture cardboard corner guards in use to add more strength to the edge corners and sides. 4" width mil Olive Drab Duct tape for covering and color.
  • FRAME: excellent used US Military A.L.I.C.E. = All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. ALICE frame complete with the Woodland Camouflage BDU shoulder straps, chest strap, kidney pad and all. Everything put together with Velcro tape.
  • MOUNTING STRAPS: 1 pair US Military MOLLE II Lashing straps to tighten and secure the ammo box to the ALICE frame. Temp use of Velcro straps.
  • Gatling minigun [RETIRED]: Air Zone Gatling Blaster. Going to leave the color scheme as is for safety reasons.
  • Gatling minigun: Air Zone PUNISHER. Long out of production. Bought a used one via eBay that needed some work as it did not work and was all marked up by someone al over the place. Now it is cleaned, fixed and repainted. Repainted BLACK with Plasti Dip. Keep the orange safety color in front present. Looks perfect. For comfort we've added closed cell pipe insulation to the pistol trigger grip area and to the front handle. Front handle have been glued onto a permanent upright position so it no longer swivels. We had to make a clean rectangular cut to the ammo belt holder box to allow our 300 round belt a place to enter. May or may not decorate the gun with various famous phrases from the movie.
  • Gatling minigun sling: Culled from my REAL STEEL AR-15: MAGPUL MS2 Sling added to the Air Zone Gatling Blaster.
  • SPEAKER: Altec Lansing iM-237 Orbit Ultra portable speaker added to the top rear back section of the ALICE frame with a BLACK Flat extension speaker wire. Encapsulated in BLACK Velcro to the side of the ALICE frame. The famous Predator theme & soundtrack in mp3 will be played via my smart phone. My ex-girlfriend got this for me during my time @ Texas. Long play time. Up to 24 hours on 3 "AAA" batteries! Clear distortion free sound.
  • HAT: 2 qty Jungle Boonie Hat.
  • Snakeskin Hat Band: Vintage faux snake skin print Lycra stretchy fabric material. Wide 4" military duct tape was folded and used as a backboard to adhere the material to. A tad over 1" in width. Since the fabric glue did not work we may end up sewing the band on to the hat permanently.
  • Son's outfit: TRU-SPEC US Military Shirt and Pants combo. May have to look for a larger size due to growth.
  • My outfit: Woodland Camouflage BDU US Army issue shirt and cargo pants combo
  • T-shirts inside our camo wear: Child size and Adult Large retro MTV BLACK T-shirt with WHITE logo. Ordered via etsy.
  • Son's boots: research pending
  • My boots: March 1968 dated McRae Vietnam Era Jungle Boots. NOS = New Old Stock. Made in the USA. Size 9.
  • CANTEEN: 1 quart US Military Canteen with cover & ALICE clips. NOS = New Old Stock. Made in the USA.

UPDATE: Monday June 16, 2014. Air Zone PUNISHER Gatling gun have been cleaned up as the decals were scribbled all over with markers. Everything that did not work is now in perfect working order. Now repainted with Plasti Dip multi-purpose rubber coating. Front handle have been glued in place to prevent any type of swiveling. For the following areas we used some closed cell pipe insulation tied in place with Velcro tape: pistol grip trigger and front handle grip for long term comfort . Bloody thing is heavy. Uses 6 "D" batteries. To lighten the load we used "AA" batteries inside D size battery cases!! Much better for those long walks inside the convention halls.

The before pic of what the Air Zone PUNISHER Dart Blaster looked like. As received and bought from eBay. Someone went a tad crazy with the marker :-) Was broken and static. Not cosplay worthy as seen in the pic below.

Lycra snakeskin band added to the jungle Boonie hat. Will be building 2. Father and son cosplay for Halloween and the toy and comic convention. May build extras and sell on eBay before Halloween too :-)


Wed May 28, 2014 Ammo back pack is finished :-)

Revision 2.0 in the works. We debuted the costume @ the Big WOW! ComicFest show this May 18, 2014 Sunday. It was a smashing HIT!!! We took it apart and will be strengthening all the corner, edge locations and back with heavy duty cardboard furniture packing corner edge guards. Ended up using come fiber board from some tossed out old furniture for the front and rear backing. Strong as heck now. Will cover with 4" width Olive Drab Duct Tape.

BELOW: This is what a 300 round ammo belt look like out of the ammo box!! 12 qty x 25 rounds per belt!! The orange stickers are non-op dummies and added to elongate the belt.

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