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In the beginning will exhibit items from TAMIYA from the 1980s era to current. In the future will expand to Kyosho, generics toy grade, Radio Shack and whatever we can find or had as a kid. From toy grade to hobby grade stuff. Don't really matter as the fun you see on our kids faces is priceless. Projects to work with your loves ones. :-)

Ordered from HobbyPartz. No more worrying about other people using the same frequencies. All of our hobby grade vehicles are controlled with 1 controller: Fly Sky GT3C 2.4GHz transmitter with receiver. Ordered 3 extra receivers for the other cars. Will be ordering 6 more receivers in the future as we expand our collection. Will be upgrading some of the servos to D227F 60G EXI Digital Coreless servo with metal gears and ball bearings. Supposed to be very quick and responsive but from our research gives out a slight buzzing noise. :-) OUT with the legacy old technology and IN with the new. Most of the older servos, receivers, controllers and related will be cleaned and shelved away to our collectibles display case.

Links to some cool RC links we bought from and recommend!

Item description Item pictures
BRAND NEW SEALED UNUSED TURNIGY receiver controlled ON/OFF switch
  • Max Volt: 30V
  • Max Amp: 10Amp
  • 4 in-stock
1/24 SK-5 Hovercraft US NAVY PACV "Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle" aka Pac-Vee or Monster by the V.C. "Viet Cong". Was adopted later by the US ARMY as an ACV "Air Cushion Vehicle".
  • Purchased a sample model from on April 2013. This particular model is no longer in production. NOTE: As of Aug 23, 2013 it have been re-released :-) Decent for the $$$. The good: Made and designed in the USA. RECOMMENDED SELLER!
  • Works in the snow, carpet, concrete, dirt, light grass and water.
  • BRUSHED MOTORS: 400 series brushed motors for the thrust and lift. OK power for the $$. [RETIRED and UPDATED with brushless motors]
  • THRUST BRUSHLESS INRUNNER MOTORS: Hobby King 3700kv for forward and reverse thrust. SPECS: 28mm diameter [380 motor size], 3.175" motor shaft diameter. Even with the skirt deflated it has a whole lot of power to propel it forward.
  • THRUST PROPELLER: Tornado Magnum series Tractor 3 blade 6-4 reinforced propeller. Made in the USA.
  • LIFT BRUSHLESS INRUNNER MOTORS: Hobby King 2800kv [more then enough power to fill the bag skirt]. SPECS: 28mm diameter [380 motor size], 3.175" motor shaft diameter.
  • LIFT PROPELLERS: GWS 4x2.5 direct drive propellers [RETIRED INDEFINITELY] FYI: Good with brushed motors NOT with brushless. We broke 7 pairs already from the BRUSHLESS power!!!
  • LIFE PROPELLERS UPGRADE: APC 4.1x4.1 Speed 400 Composite Electric Propellers APCLP04141E. Tested on Sat November 23, 2013.
  • ESCs: Separate cheap $12 ESCs we found on eBay to control lift and thrust separately in the future]. 3 channels in use now: 1. steering, 2. thrust and 3. lift [RETIRED].
  • BRUSHLESS ESCs: 2 qty Hobby King Tunigy Trackstar 25A 1/18 car ESC. Hope this is enough amps?! One for the thrust and the other for lift? Independent control. Bought a Trackstar Programming card too. Soldering on some 4mm bullet connectors
  • BATTERIES: Currently running dual 2 batteries: Tamiya plug Venom 7.2V NiMH 3000mAh and 5000mAh 6 cell. One battery to power the thrust and the other for lift. Each battery weighing in from 10 to 15 oz x 2 qty??!! No wonder the front end was not making over the hump!! [RETIRED to the old school TAMIYA cars]
  • BATTERIES UPGRADE: Hobby Partz GENS 7.4v Li-Po, 2200mAh, 20C with 4mm bullet connectors! Light in weight and will be using 2 qty. Still lighter then the 1 NiMH we once used. Out with the old and in with the new technology! Will order 10 more of these when they come back in-stock.
  • BAG SKIRT: plain black stock rip stop vinyl used. Currently running without the sharkmouth design.
  • FUTURE BAG SKIRT RE-DESIGN: currently re-designing and building multiple custom skirts from various styles and materials: camouflage rip stop nylon, 1080D and 1680D ballistic rip stop nylon fabrics. We want an evil menacing shark like mouth with blood dripping painted directly onto the skirt with some type of flexible waterproof vinyl paint. Material purchased from ebay. Skirt will be glued at the seams with HH-66 vinyl cement.
  • SHARK MOUTH & EYES: Custom painted Shark Teeth Mouth and EVIL Eyes painted onto some flexible cloth like vinyl and then glued to the skirt. Work was done by my best friend/artist: Robert Gonzalez. [RETIRED as this piece was too stiff for the front end. Not enough flex giving it a too pointy of a shape in the front. Needs to be round to get over the hump speeds in the wate]
  • CUSTOM MADE 1/24 scale cotton flags: estimated size 2"x3" cloth cotton flags: USA and US Navy SEALs flags. Made from June Tailor JT-900 Colorfast WHITE inkjet fabric sheets. We located the highest resolution flag pics online. Print at the highest resolution possible from the inkjet printer. Crop and resize with IrFanView or GIMP2 freeware software. Used fabric glue to glue each side together. 2 tiny gold eyelets added to the flags for detail. Mounted to custom gold hook screw on eyelets matched to tiny gold circular hoo-hickey we found at the local Hobby store.
  • 1/24 scale Military figures: 2 qty .50 caliber machine guns aka MA DEUCE along with a partial tank commander figure. Thanks to VS Tank M1A2 Abrams accessory kit we now have a scale figure and weapon. Currently mounted on a circular platform. Have been hot glued and mounted onto a mini all metal gears ball bearing servos. Turns left and right. Have been connected together with a Y cable then to another Y cable to the rudder servo.
  • ON HOLD/NOT IN USE till we figure out the space and front weight issues!! Machine Gun sounds: RAM #46 Machine Gun Sound Module. On a micro switch with a 2" speaker. 9V power connector cut off and spliced to servo receiver cable. May cut off the micro switch and tie the leads together. Will need to figure out space, weight and how to activate with the transmitter of work coincide with Military figures above when used. Speaker have been hot glued inside a small cardboard box and that have been painted flat drab green.
  • WORK IN PROGRESS: Port side 40mm Grenade Launcher we are currently customizing. Will be hooked up to a small automotive windshield water pump [380 size brushes motor] for some water gun action. A black antenna have been hot glued in place. Battle damage details will be used to cover up our error as we flatten the oval top a tad from the hot glue use! Opps!! We used a cut piece of rubber from a used inner bike tube to fabricate the Grenade Launcher ammo feed. This is then attached to the side of the cabin and held in place by a custom cut body servo mount. PERFECT.
  • MISC brainstorming details to be added: Camouflage netting, rear deck railing, LED  light and a 360 degree rotating custom made radar will be added.
  • 2007 Minicraft Model Kits Military Aviation Bullet Hole Decals will be used for added detail, worn wear and tear throughout the Hovercraft. No longer in production. Water slide decals in various scale 1/144, 1/17 and 1/48. Made in Italy. [Unfortunately does not work on matte finishes]
  • More thinking out of the box WANT on our to do list: Custom exhaust ports will be fabricated and hooked up to a proportional mini smoke generator!! If possible will connect this directly to the brushless thrust motor. Would be awesome if a thrust gas motor turbine sound module is avail.

As of Aug 26, 2013 a work in progress

Sept 21, 2012. Upgraded Electronics are here :-)

Sept 28, 2013 Good test but broke one of the blades on the lift propellers :-)

November 30, 2013 Our 1st YouTube video upload. See the SK5 in action. Successful run at Spreckels Lake!! URL below!!

Nov 30 and Dec 1, 1013. We obliterated the Shark Mouth painted front piece. Was warned already from the manufacturer that it will not last as the rip stop nylon fabric is coated. Looked great when it lasted. FYI the Shark Mouth had a top and bottom. Bottom was gone instantly upon water contact!!

Dec 1, 2013 We improved the durability of the Shark Mouth by painting onto material from a broken umbrella supplied by my parents. We used clear silicone to adhere that to the front of the coated rip stop nylon skirt. FINISH! Touch it up as it wears!! Still wears but not as bad as previous. Gawkers and passersby absolutely STOP in there track to chat it up with us on this project. This is still not finished as we brainstorm more on details.

Crazyflie 10-DOF Nano Quadcopter drone 2.4Ghz Crazyradio hack open source built kit SOLD
  • This is not some RTR Ready to Run toy for kids :-)
  • Adult oriented. Written in Python. Open source. Designed for development and hacking!!!
  • Comes with spare motor and propellers.
  • COST: $179 for the 10-DOF kit with the 2.4Ghz CrazyRadio USB
  • You find what hacks, customization and whatnot on YouTube and via your search engine.
  • If you have a 3D printer design and build a protective cage and what not. Add a camera. The list goes on.
1/6 King HM Racer HUMMER H1
  • purchased NEW but have not been able to charge the battery. Either a faulty charger or battery. Not worth our time to troubleshoot. POS
  • We bought this just for the body. Huge 1/6 scale detailed hard plastic body. Gonna strip it down and repaint the whole exterior with flat black truck bed liner type lining for a more durable exterior.
  • Custom front, side and rear brushguards will be made for this project
  • This will be matched to our future 1/6 scale 4X4 Rock Crawler :-)
  • In the meantime will take this apart and see if i can get this running with an upgraded 2.4GHz receiver, new ESC, steering servo and Dremel the battery compartment to accept a 7.2V size Ni-Cd battery.
KYOSHO PG-14 rear oil damper shock
1997? Radio Shack Golden Arrow
  • my high school friend gave this to us
  • DOA. May sell, trade or piece out in the future.
TAMIYA Radio Control Guide Book
  • bought these from our local hobby store: Hobby Company of San Francisco.
  • They were well read and used.
Just a whole bunch of misc tires from the 1980s to present. Also a vintage 1980s era Futaba Attack 4 channel transmitter. Perfect match to the Tamiya BRUISER!!
Team CRP 2107 Adjustable motor mount for the TAMIYA Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, FROG, Mud Blaster and Subaru Brat
TAMIYA 7.2V 1200mAh Ni-Cd Battery Racing Pack
  • cool piece of RC history
  • now we have better LiPo and LiFe battery technologies
UCC Coffee Japan TAMIYA ver 2 RC Grasshopper Buggy pull back miniature #1
  • MINT Import from JAPAN only!!
  • You need to buy canisters of UCC Coffee to get these premiums.
  • SIZE: 2" length
UCC Coffee Japan TAMIYA ver 2 RC The FROG blue Buggy pull back miniature #6
  • MINT Import from JAPAN only!!
  • You need to buy canisters of UCC Coffee to get these premiums.
  • SIZE: 2" length
UCC Coffee Japan TAMIYA ver 2 RC The FROG pink pull back Buggy miniature #5
  • MINT Import from JAPAN only!!
  • You need to buy canisters of UCC Coffee to get these premiums.
  • SIZE: 2" length
TAMIYA SAN-S RC Buggy Collection Buggy Champ
TAMIYA SAN-S RC Buggy Collection FROG
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA Grasshopper
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA FOX
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA Boomerang
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA HORNET playset
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA FROG playset
TOMY Takara Q-Steer Micro Buggy TAMIYA Avante

1988/2011 TAMIYA 1/10 RC AVANTE 4WD Off Road Dune Buggy UNUSED MINT with original collectible shipping box

  • Hi this is the re-release 2011 edition.
  • The original was from 1988.
  • Collect it, build it as a shelf queen or build it to run.
  •  This has newer tech and upgrades since the original release. You can find all the pertinent info online.
  • What makes this even cooler is the original brown cardboard shipping ox which once help 2 of these bad boys! Sold the other Avante to my neighbor. Yes we bought 2 of these and was the 1st to open these case fresh!
  • Item was purchased BRAND NEW. We only took off the shrinkwrap to check the items only.
  • This have been stored in a smoke, mold, pet free area.
  • NOTE: The cut in the plastic at the motor is normal from the factory. Some have this cut and some don't?!! You can find that info online too as many buyers found everything else sealed but the motor.
  • It is UNUSED untampered as purchased from a factory dealer.
  • MSRP was $782 for this!!?? Our price is already below cost.
  • $359.88 SOLD
1986 TAMIYA 1/10 Boomerang
  • original 1st issue release
  • MSRP $
  • complete full metal ball bearings upgrade in the gearboxes and wheel hubs.
  • WANTED: 4 qty Parma Aluminum Hubs as the stock triangular stock hubs are flimsy and are prone to cracks
  • Broke the stock brittle plastic triangular hubs. Upgraded to 12mm aluminum hex hubs!!
  • clean and rebuild front and rear shocks. New o-rings and shock oil
  • upgraded MSC: Mechanical Speed Control to a cheapie $12 Brushed ESC we found online. Works well. No more chasing the vehicle when the battery runs low!!

May 22, 2013. Cleaned up and restored all the wheels back to stock vs mismatch

1986 TAMIYA 1/10 Blackfoot
  • bought just the box with the inserts, paperwork and tons of spare and upgraded parts
  • comes with an extra boxed Tamiya RX-540VZ Technigold brushed motor. 100& complete in the box with instructions and all tools :-)
  • Owner needs to locate the vehicle so we can match this up :-)
  • Some misc NOS Pro Line wheels for the Boomerang. All came from the original owner.
1990 TAMIYA 1/10 Bullhead 4X4X4
  • original 1st issue release
  • MSRP $409.00 USD
  • Item #58089
  • 4WD: 4 Wheel Drive with 4WS: 4 Wheel Steering. Top heavy and HUGE tires.
  • twin dual stock silver cans Mabuchi 540 motors
  • MSC: Mechanical Speed Controller with Power/Economy switch REPLACED with Red Cat Racing Dual Motor ESC.
  • Beautiful Tractor Semi truck body
  • complete full metal ball bearings upgrade in the gearboxes and wheel hubs.
  • currently painted RED by the past owner. We want to repaint with Plasti-Dip BLUE and re-decal with a vintage decal sheet. Lastly add a complete light kit.
  • Upgraded 4WS servo to a hi torque, metal gears and ball bearings servo.
  • HUGE 4"x6" USA Flag added
2007 TAMIYA 1/10 Dual Hunter 4WD Twin Motor
  • MSRP $289
  • Item #58396
  • TWIN/DUAL BRUSHED MOTORS: currently running upgraded twin/dual motors: TAMIYA Dirt-Tuned 27T motors model 53929 with TAMIYA Dual Motor ESC
  • BALL BEARINGS: complete full 24 stainless steel metal ball bearings upgrade in the gearboxes and wheel hubs. Most sellers offer 20 online so buyers beware!
  • BODY PAINT: Was painted red by the original owner. Once purchased we went with the Plasti-dip black for a durable lining and complete flat black looking exterior. Sprayed the inside and outside the same.
  • CUSTOM DECALS: 1/10 scale TRANSFORMERS Barricade Police theme decals from a seller in Canada. All decals fit but the door decals. Thanks to our BMX friend & sticker customizer: Scott Joines who re-sized the door decals to fit :-)
  • POLICE BAR: 1/10 scale Police light bar added and powered by splicing in receiver plug. We plasti-dip the lightbar breadboard underneath as it was all exposed to the elements. This will help protect against dust and water!
  • many aluminum parts upgrades are avail for this model!!
  • upgrading to oil filled shocks in the future
  • PAST SERVO: ACOMS AS-15 and AS-16 Steering servo broke twice already. These have been retired.
  • CURRENT STEERING SERVO: Power HD-1201MG analog servo with all metal gears, ball bearing
  • SERVO SAVER: mid-size Kimbrough servo saver
  • BATTERY HOLDER UPGRADE: TAMIYA 53346 Battery Quick Release Battery Holder
  • CUSTOM FRONT & REAR BRUSHGUARDS: Building custom wide front and rear brushguards from those wire hook shelving courtesy of DAISO :-) Currently WHITE and these will be shaped and then sprayed with BLACK Plasti-Dip too. Custom mounts needed also.
  • WHEELS: stock wheels will be painted FLAT BLACK in the future.
  • WHEELS & TIRES UPGRADE: HSP 1.9" 96mm Rock Climbing tires with 52mm wheels. ALL BLACK combo :-)
  • WANTLIST: ON ROAD tires and wheels combo set
  • Custom headlights, turn signals and rear lights added.

April 12, 2013 revision. Awaiting new all black wheels and bigger tires!

April 13, 2014 revision with HSMP ALL BLACK wheels and tires combo!

Front push bumper from the TAMIYA FORD F350 kit

2005 TAMIYA 1/10 ESSO Ultraflo Toyota Supra
  • Item 58358
  • TA05 chassis 2 belt 4WD
  • Full Ball bearings
  • unfinished built from the original owner as purchased. 75% finished
  • will be using another body for this build: TOYOTA Corolla AE86. Currently masked and will be painted in homage to the car from the movie: Initial D.
TAMIYA 1/10 TA05 chassis 2 belt 4WD
  • near complete missing some body mounts and motor
1983 TAMIYA 1/10 Frog

UNDER EXTENSIVE RESTORATION & IN PROGRESS. Nothing is set in stone on this build as it is evolving. Maybe to brushless even :-)

  • my original RC i owned as a kid so no holds bar on spending on this one :-)
  • TRANSMITTER: Fly Sky FS-GT3C 2.4GHz 3 channel  Digital Proportional Radio Control System with AFHDS: Advance Frequency Hopping Digital System
  • RECEIVER: Fly Sky FS-GR3E 3 channel
  • ESC: Duratrax IntelliSpeed 12T modified with TAMIYA style battery connection. Will look into upgrading to a DEANS ultra plug connection in the future. TO DO: Will be boxed against dust and water in the future.
  • FRONT BUMPER: Team CRP front bumper in NEON PINK. Bought this to matched the box artwork color scheme and adds a little 1980s flair!
  • STEERING: custom centered servo mounted steering kit from ebay user thercpartguy. Thicker beefer 4-40 stainless steel threaded rods, heavy duty ball links with brass inserts, brass stand off washers, stainless steel 3mm cap head screws, washers and nylon insert lock nuts.
  • STEERING SERVO: HobbyPartz 60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo D227F with all  metal gears & ball bearings soon :-) Noisy but fast, powerful and smooth!!
  • STEERING SERVO PLATE: Custom cut on a piece of thick burly aluminum. Servo centered perfectly!!! Custom made by ebay user kilbo97
  • SERVO SAVER: currently running stock but we need to upgrade the stock servo saver to Kimbrough
  • BATTER CLIP: Team CRP battery clip in RED
  • BALL BEARINGS: full stainless steel metal ball bearings in the gearboxes and wheel hubs like back in 1983.
  • Complete gearbox and drivetrain upgrade
  • BRUSHED MOTOR: Swapped out our original Tamiya Technisport motor for a LIKE NEW from the box TAMIYA RX-540VZ Technigold brushed motor. Ballooned my tires too. Great power. Pondering going brushless but afraid to add so much power and wear to an already old vintage chassis and such!!!
  • DIFFERENTIAL: Thorp Ball 47T Differential with yoke type telescoping drive line kit for the BlackFoot.
  • UPGRADED DIFFERENTIAL BEARINGS: ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series 1/16" (8 qty) & 3/32" (12 qty) bearings. Upgraded on April 13, 2013
  • CUSTOM ALL METAL TELESCOPING DRIVETRAIN or DRIVE TRAIN: We met an old school RC aficionado on ebay whose building us a custom all metal bulletproof telescoping drivetrain matched to NOS Thorp gearbox shafts out for us. Worthy for brushed and brushless. Comes with an inner spring on the left side to keep it tight!!! :-) I feel much safer running with this setup then the plasic THORP version. BE WARNED! Certain areas on the THORP gearbox shafts had to be shaved! Thanks to ebay user kilbo97
  • DIFF SLIP MOD: To keep the diff from slipping. Another genius mod of adding a set screw against the original THORP adjusting screw. To do this you need to have removable yokes as we do on the RH THORP gearbox shaft! Given to us FREE from ebay user kilbo97
  • COUNTER GEAR: Thorp heavy duty 18/52T counter gear with 2 qty 850 [5x8x2.5mm] size ball bearings installed.
  • REAR WHEEL HUBS: Thorp Dirt Burners! #4512 Alloy hubs no pins!! RED color.
  • PINION GEAR: Stock FROG aluminum 18T pinion gear. Will look to Kimbrough or Robinson Racing steel ?T pinion gear upgrade in the future.
  • REAR DIFFERENTIAL BEARING SUPPORT: Team CRP #1608 Differential rear bearings support carrier. Yellow color and kills the slop. You can always shim your gearbox too!
  • CUSTOM TRANSMISSION GEARBOX BRACE MOD: Another ingenious solution that squeezes the aluminum gearbox plates together to prevent the sides from bulging and causing the gears to work loose with extreme wear. This caused us great financial and mental headaches back in the 1980s. We killed at least 3 sets of gears back in the day. Bought this kit from ebay seller urge251980
  • FRONT & REAR SHOCK TOWERS: JunFac front and rear aluminum shock towers. Burly and beautiful!!
  • FRONT & REAR SHOCKS: Gmade XD Aeration Oil Filled Shock Absorber Dampers 75mm x 4 qty [Using Noleen SF3 grease to lube the o-rings]. The stock FROG rear shocks are history and will be cleaned and used as a display piece. Unfortunately 75mm is too short for the rear to work with the aluminum shock towers.
  • REAR SHOCKS: GMade Aeration 85mm shocks for the rear!
  • BORE WASHERS: T-Works TA-012R 3mm Aluminum Bore washer set in RED. Upgrading some of the SHOCK washers to add a little "POP".
  • REAR STABILIZER: YOU-G Products TM-8413 rear stabilizer kit in BLUE. Pretty bashed up condition as we had it back in the 1980s. [NOT IN USE. Retired as using 50 Caliber Customs Billet Aluminum arms]
  • REAR BUMPER: Team CRP rear bumper in WHITE. Bought NOS but it was missing some hardware. A huge THANK YOU to Glenn of for sending us the 2 longer bolts and the missing original hardware for the rear bumper!!! :-) Now we can install the You-G rear stabilizer with the rear bumper all together!
  • REAR TRAILING ARMS UPGRADE: .50 Caliber Customs. All billet aluminum. Our stock original plastic ones will be retired to the display case as they are a tad warped and bent at the shock mount location. Causes a funky droop look and uneven slop?!!
  • REAR SUSPENSION ARMS SUPPORT: Team CRP #1606 rear suspension arms support with the larger Blackfoot gearbox bushing. Since the gearbox bushing did not fit our FROG gearbox it have also been shelved and is now a part of our historical RC display. Thanks to ebay user maddfools81 FYI: We are looking for a custom solution of an inner and outer support with some type of hat ball bearings in use for a smoother cleaner method.
  • FRONT & REAR TIRES: 1980s vintage TROLL red colored spike tires. Currently mounted to BRAND NEW re-release 3 piece wheels with Team CRP all stainless steel hardware [1.5mm Allen key screws better then the stock ones]. May paint or dye all the wheels from WHITE to BLACK in the future. [Our original set of wheels and tires have been retired for good to the display as the wheels are scrapped and road rashed to hell. The tires have splits, cracks and silicon added on the surface]
  • ORIGINAL RADIO EQUIPMENT: FUTABA Attack 2NL radio with receiver, 2 servos and 4 AA battery holder [retired to the display]
  • FROG BODY RESTORE: Fixed & strengthen the various cracks and a missing piece on our original FROG body with Rapid Fix Dual Adhesive System. It works so much better then regular super glue!! We rather fix the original then buy a re-release and what not as this sentimental piece will be passed on to our kid!
  • WANTLIST: reissue FROG body and wing but with the preferred vintage decals. Even copies of the original decal would suffice.

Exploded view of gearbox guts using THORP Ball Differential with Counter Gear. Along with YELLOW COLOR TEAM CRP Diff Bearings Carrier. Using Blackfoot gearbox vs our original FROG gearbox to fit the RED COLOR TEAM CRP Rear Suspension arms supports kit

Our original FROG body was restored with Rapid Fix 2 stage epoxy. Dries clear and just as strong as JB Weld. Expensive stuff but the results are A++

NOS THORP drive train parts and Jun Fac front & rear Shock towers

GMade XD Aeration Shocks test fit stage



.50 Caliber Customs Rear Trailing arms. An absolute must upgrade. Much better then the flexible plastic stock ones! It makes a HUGE difference IMHO :-)

Using re-release TAMIYA 3 piece wheels match to vintage 1980s era TROLL spike front and rear RED color tires

April 13, 2013 revision

Current April 14, 2014 revision with Differential Ceramic bearings upgrade and RED color BORE WASHER set added          

NEW UNUSED reissue re-release TAMIYA 1/10 GRASSHOPPER body
1984 TAMIYA 1/10 Grasshopper
  • cracked left side suspension arm fixed with JB Weld. Will Dremel down and paint black to blend in with the surrounding.
  • original body missing top section. [RETIRED]
  • partial unused decal sheet. Currently cut and used on the PARMA poly body. Missing a few decals which will be completed with a re-release decal sheet.
  • Beautiful box artwork
  • BODY: Scrapped the original body for the PARMA Polycarbonate flexible body. Stickered with a combination of 98% vintage decals and 2% reissue. Using reissue decals for the following: red striping on the rear and side decals. Will clear coat the whole outside with Krylon UV resistant matte clearagainst dirt and debris. Will paint the driver and detail inside too.
  • BODY MOUNT KIT: Parma Universal
  • STEERING: custom beefier steering kit from ebay user thercpartguy. Thicker beefer 4-40 stainless steel threaded rods, heavy duty ball links with brass inserts, brass stand off washers, stainless steel 3mm cap head screws, washers and nylon insert lock nuts.
  • STEERING SERVO: HobbyPartz 60G EXI Digital Coreless Servo D227F with all  metal gears & ball bearings soon :-) Noisy but fast, powerful and smooth!!
  • FRONT SHOCKS: pending and once front end is modified with FX10 arms and such
  • REAR SHOCKS: Upgraded stock spring shocks with GMade XD Aeration 75mm oil filled shock absorbers
  • BRUSHED MOTOR: stock Mabuchi 380 brushed motor swapped out with our original BITD motor: TAMIYA Technitune used in our FROG. [RETIRED back to the original box]
  • MOTOR UPGRADE: Castle Creations Mamba Max 6900kv brushless motor with ESC.
  • MOTOR PINION GEAR: Matched to Made in the USA Robinson Racing 18T 32p steel pinion gear. The stock Aluminum pinion gears will look like shark teeth after a few runs!!
  • PENDING: aluminum metal wheelie bar with airplane tires and hardware. Culled from the Tamiya LUNCHBOX kit.
  • TIRES: 1980s NOS New Old Stock TROLL tires in cool YELLOW. Wish they had these in GREEN!!!

May 22, 2013

Sept 2, 2013 PARMA body painted but still more work ahead e.g. Paint driver, add Krylon UV matte clear coat to protect decals from sand and what not.

1982 TAMIYA 1/10 Super Champ
  • broken and in various pieces. Will cost too much to restore. May piece out in the future or display this carcass as it sits.
  • Comes with the original instruction manual
  • my high school friend gave this to me FREE! Worthy restore still if i can find another cheap.
Team Associated 1/10 RC-10 B4.1 2WD Brushless 3300kv RTR 2.4GHz Ready to run over $350 invested in the lot!! SOLD
  • This have only been ran 2 times and no more. That is it. Stored away.
  • You get 2 qty Turnigy Nano-tech li-po batteries: 4500 mah, 25 to 50c discharge. One of the batteries were charged just 1 time. The other in the box is still NEW unused. Both batteries come with the stock 4mm bullet connectors. The Team Associated ESC uses a DEANS connector so an adapter is included.
  • Over $350 were spent on this lot.
  • Upgraded better Proline wheels and tires installed. Stock ones are the white ones.
  • ESC currently setup for FWD only. You can program to you liking
  • Included misc parts, tools and all the paperwork.
  • You can upgrade this to be an uber speed demon and enjoy as is!!
NOS New Old Stock 1980s Team CRP #1622 rear shock mounts for the Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, Frog, Subaru Brat and more.
NOS New Old Stock 1980s Team CRP #3041 rear bumper for the FROG and Subaru Brat
NOS New Old Stock 1980s Team CRP #2156 resistor plate for the FROG and Subaru Brat
NOS New Old Stock 1980s Team CRP #1608 Differential Bearing Supports for the FROG, Subaru Brat, Blackfoot, Monster Beetle, Mud Blaster and more.
NOS New Old Stock 1980s Team CRP #1603 Heavy Duty Steering kit for the FROG and Subaru Brat
TEAM Losi 1/18 MINI-T Stadium Truck 2WD RTR: Ready To Run
  • full metal ball bearings set upgrade for the wheels & gearbox
  • RS-280 electric brush motor
  • NEED a new receiver and ESC as i killed the original combo with water :-)
  • Currently being used as a parts car for the restore below
TEAM Losi 1/18 MINI-T Stadium Truck 2WD RTR: Ready To Run
  • full metal ball bearings upgrades for the wheels & gearbox
  • all Aluminum gearbox
  • MIP ball differential
  • Aluminum spur gear
  • Carbon Fiber chassis with complete aluminum front and rear end.
  • Castle Creations Mamba Comp-X 8000kv brushless motor set-up with ESC. ESC with DEANs adapter.
  • Uber fast and you need alot of real estate space to open this one up!! Easy 40 to 60+ mph?!! Never measured the actual speed. This is our guesstimate.
  • Perfect No. P62 1" [25mm] rubber balloon model airplane tires with Machined Aluminum hubs wheels drilled out and fitted with 2 BLADE EFLH2215 outer shaft ball bearings 3x6x2mm per wheel. Washers are used on the inner and outer. BLUE Loc-tite used to prevent screw from packing out. Thank you to Franciscan Hobby
Some upgraded parts for a brand new all aluminum alloy gearbox with MIP Ball Diff.

1997 Tyco 1/12 R/C Radio Controlled Lamborghini Countach converted to the AUTOMAN Autocar
  • 16" in length
  • industrial strength glow blue tape highlight lines.
  • Made by my best friend Rob Gonzalez
  • 9.6V with TURBO feature
  • front bumper and rear wing spoiler were removed and stored away
2012 Vaterra 1/10 TWIN HAMMERS 1.9 Rock Racer.
  • It's a Crawler and Basher all in one.
  • Tekin RS Sensored 13.5t ESC
  • Tekin 13.5t Redline brushless motor. 3,500kv. 1.3t turns. 201 watts. 12.5mm.
  • HiTEC 7954 steering servo
  • SHIFT SERVO UPGRADES in the works: HiTEC HS-225MG Ball Bearings Metal Gears Shift servo and custom linkage
  • Blue Monkey Front Suspension Upright Front Shock Mount
  • King off-road 80mm? scale aluminum dual spring front shocks
  • Axial Wraith rear shocks
  • Vaterra sway bar
  • Carter Fab & Machine aluminum body panels
  • Castle BEC
  • Mayhem Engineering Trail Shooter wheels with Pitbull Rockbeast tires.
pics to come.

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