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2014 Santa Cruz Ray Meyer Business Skippy freestyle board reissue
  • Love the graphics plus he is a friend of ours :-)
  • Planning to get this signed in the future.
  • Limited production run to 200 worldwide!!!
1985 Powell Peralta Lance Mountain Future Primitive skateboard with The Ripper logo design on the top board
  • well used and drilled for rails
  • SOLD
1980 Powell Peralta Steve Caballero Dragon skateboard XT boneite with The Dragon logo design on the top board
  • signed by Steve Caballero in 2003
  • tip have been grip taped, clean unused looking tail drilled and added by the past owner
  • looks like NOS built with some edge wear from the past owner
  • beautiful graphics
  • SOLD
2006 Powell Peralta Steve Caballero reissue
  • built as an indoor carpet queen
  • light scuff at the tail area, grip tape added on top, generic G&G label trucks?, Powell Peralta Speed Bones wheels 
  • SOLD
2006 Powell Peralta Steve CABALLERO reissue skateboard MINT in the factory shrinkwrap
  • SOLD

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