2002 Spider Man screen used wardrobe and props collectibles and memorabilia exhibit

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Item Pictures of the actual screen used movie or TV PROP Screen captures from our DVD
2002 Spiderman movie by Sam Raimi starred Toby McGuire. This screen used prop Spiderbox was used in the beginning early scenes with MJ and Peter Parker when the students are on a field trip to a genetic laboratory. And as you know the rest is history :-)
  • PROVENANCE: Famed big collector: David Heilman received this from Peter Greenwood. Mr Greenwood is a nice gent who works in the Hollywood industry.
  • A huge THANK YOU to my best friend: Robert Gonzalez for making this custom 1 of a kind beautiful shadowbox. He spent 100s of house on this custom box to highlight the screen used prop. IMHO the custom shadowbox work costs more then the prop itself :-)


Spiderman Tobey Maguire Sam Raimi version Faceshell mask magnetic lenses
  • Magnetic lenses.
  • Bought this many many years ago on eBay. Do not remember who the maker is? Don't believe these are in production any longer.
  • Only used to try out at home. Outfit have long been sold and this is all i have left.
  • One of the metal plates needs new double sided clear tape as it is currently loose. Clean up and add a new strip. Will leave this to the new owner.
  • This have been stored inside a storage tote.
  • $200

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