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In the days, weeks and months to come we will be adding 10,000+ more for sale and our personal collection for exhibit. Everything is currently co-mingle. Will be separating the items into 2 sections: sales and personal collection.

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1981 General Sportcraft Co Ltd Table Soccer Foosball Made in Italy 37x20x29 SOLD
  • SIZE: 37"x20"x29"
  • Made in Italy
  • Have been assembled by us and works perfect. Missing the instruction manual and 1 ball.
  • Very clean excellent condition. Free of cracks, nicks or any other abnormalities. Stickers are still present too.
  • It does comes with all the hardware and 1 ball. One of the legs is missing 1 of 2 locknuts but still holds well as it sits. I would match it at your hardware shop. The company is still in business as of today and you can still buy similar Soccer Foosball.
  • You can also place this on top of your existing table and forego attaching the legs.
  • $88.88 shipped


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