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We are building a father and son ensemble. More research, pics and details to come :-) Building and upgrading to 501st quality as more research and high resolution pictures become avail.


Outer rode and inner pleated tunic, scarf, belt and gloves:
  • Outer robe may needs upgrading due to the small size hood.
  • Highly modified XCoser Inner pleated tunic which was a dark gray color. Collar have been removed. Sleeves from the elbow down will be resized and recut for a tighter form fit look with hidden zippers added. Zipper clasps have been removed. After all the mods the whole pleated tunic have been repainted complete black with automotive upholster spray paint. Pleated arms have been removed from the tunic and matched to a black workout wicking shirt. Much more comfort and better arm joint movement. Now you can touch your back :-)
  • Ordered on Dec 4, 2015 from XCoser.
  • SOLD!!  Version 1 XCoser outer robe and belt
  • SOLD!!  Version 2 XCoser outer robe and 2 hoods
  • Custom neck seal to be added in the future!!
  • SOLD!! Hamptons Jedi Outfitters monks cloth outer tunic, hood and scarf. Waxed with OtterWax bar.
  • 4th and final time ugrade: Using YaYa Hans JoAnns Cosplay Fabric Apprentice Weave by Luke Daley's JJ Industries. This is as close to screen accuracy one will get IMHO :-) DARK BLACK basketweave.
  • Will be selling our older version belt for a screen accurate version.
  • Screen accurate belt buckle with metal saber side holder on the right side!!
  • EXTRA static 3D printed saber held in place!
  • XCoser sent us an upgraded belt with a screen accurate looking belt buckle. Buckle have been repainted satin black. Screen accurate 3D printed saber belt holder added. Saber male clip 3D printed at 80% scale and works perfect with the 100% scale buckle. Thick black adhesive foam pieces added to the back on the belt as currently too thin. This will be SOLD with the extra static Kylo Ren saber soon.
  • 3rd and final time upgrading to 501st quality all leather belt which closes from the front via Velcro and then Velcroed again with the belt buckle on top. Please orient the belt buckle correctly. The long panels facing upwards as in the movie. Will be adding an all metal working metal saber clip by JJ Industries.
  • SOLD!!  XCoser Gloves are nice and comfy but will be SOLD for screen accurate leather versions.
  • SOLD!! Leather screen accurate version 2 by Endor Finders.
  • 3rd and final time upgrade: Leather screen accurate version 3 with raised piping by Endor Finders.
  • Hasbro Black Series Voice Changer helmet
  • Current mods: plastic smoked visor traced to the opening shape, Cut, dremel and sanded. Covered with 2 layers on black pantyhose. PERFECT IMHO. Allows air vent to prevent eyeglass fogging. Decent visual. All related electronics, speaker, microphone, headband have been removed. We've added 3 rectangular magnets hot glued in the battery cover area which will be matched to the 3 magnets to be glued to a piece of thin plastic and then added inside the hood.
  • 2 piece helmet will be taken apart, merge the 2 halves into a 1 piece helmet, fill the seams, forehead speaker holes and button areas with bondo, repaint and weather with battle damage.

  • A real time voice changer to mimic Adam Drivers Kylo Ren voice!

  • RESEARCH WORK IN PROGRESS: Custom scratch built hinge for motorized mouth piece opening and closing when you remove the helmet. Sensor or SPST switch??!!

LIGHTSABER to carry:
  • Hasbro Black Series
  • 1st step will be blade cosmetics. The metal hilt out of the box is passable but the 3 blades are bland?! Cosmetic upgrade with layers of thick Saran plastic wrap, painstaking spider webbing with LEXEL crystal clear silicon.
  • Complete repaint with battle damage wear and tear. Airbrush the heat stained colors on the side emitters.
LIGHTSABER to carry on your belt:
  • Hasbro BladeBuilders with lights and sound.
  • Blades have been removed and tossed to the garbage.
  • Faux cable holders will be dremeled off. 3D printed ones will be added along with 18GB translucent clear RED wire.
  • 3D printing the missing end cap, cable holders, 2 qty 7/8" side plugs and 1 qty 1/4" diameter top plug [socket looking detail inside the emitters]
  • Complete repaint with battle damage wear and tear. Airbrush the heat stained colors on the side emitters.
  • Faded Glory Black coated denim Jegging from Wal-Mart
  • Paid $20 shipped
  • XCoser branded boots
  • PU material
  • SOLD! XCoser version 1
  • XCoser version 2. Modified by adding long strips of velcro to keep the top flap from moving and rotating. 2" insole lifts added inside. Will be researching for a local shoe cobbler to remove the old soles for screen accurate flat soles.
  • Jar Jar Binks Rubber Mask Head only :-)
  • Rey's staff as a souvenir, memento or trophy of some sort!!
  • Deformed burnt melted Darth Vader helmet!! Grandfather.
MATT the Radar Technician [Saturday Night Live SNL UNDERCOVER BOSS STARBASE KILLER skit]:
  • Napoleon Dynamite Aviator pilot style silver metal rim glasses.
  • Epic Cosplay Apollo Autumn Gold short wig 13 inches. $30. Feb 27, 2016
  • Blaze orange hunting Rhodesian style tactical vest. Even the buckles are orange. Current production are black buckles. Feb 24, 2016 Paid $150 with a Larger size Dickies unused overall and glasses.
  • Dickies Men's Deluxe cotton overall in gray. 1 pocket and name tags removed. Size small regular for my son.
  • First Order 3.25" Iron on patches by Wampa Wear. $9 for a pair. Feb 4, 2016
  • 1"x3" MATT name badge with Roman 3L font. .37 inch letters. We made these in GOLD and brush Aluminum SILVER.
  • After the rain Comes the rainbow card made by user Polarcupz

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