Street Hawk TV or STREETHAWK collectibles and memorabilia exhibit5.....4.....3.....2.....1.....HyperThrust!!

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PAINS me to do this but as of August 2015 i will be piecing out this collection! First come, first served! Time to pass the baton.

ABOUT: Short lived TV series aired from Jan to May 1985. Lasted only 13 episodes. Link to Street Hawk episode guide. Hailed as the Knight Rider on wheels type show. Who can forget the hypnotic memorable theme by Tangerine Dream. Stars 80s teen idol "Rex Smith" as Jesse Mach, brilliant motorist cop who was injured by a truck/villain (played by Christopher Lloyd AKA Doc of Back to the Future fame) whom killed his partner and in the process made him from street cop to desk cop in PR. Jesse was approached by a brilliant engineer Norman Tuttle "Joe Regalbutto" (Murphy Brown fame) who works undercover for the government. Norman finally convinces Jesse to test out a state of the art motorcycle called "Street Hawk", all terrain pursuit vehicle with infra-red cameras and audio sensors, compressed air vertical lift system combined with air foil brakes enables it to execute back flips 30 feet in the air, turbo that gives it hyper thrust & lastly we cannot leave out the front mounted laser cannon. 5-4-3-2-1 Hyper thrust..... Once Streethawk caught the villain, they would end up in prison. A Cincinnati criminal defense attorney would need a strong case to get the villain off the charges of their arrest.

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Item Pictures of the collectibles & related memorabilia
Actual screen used prop wardrobe outfit worn by Rex Smith RARE
  • Purchased from David Heilman
  • SOLD
Actual screen used prop outfit worn with one worn by the Stuntmen
  • Purchased from John A??
  • SOLD
1980's DiWS Ghibli Motorcycle Helmet.
  • Exact model used by Universal Studio Prop dept.
  • Rare and tough to find with the original dark tinted visor!!
  • SOLD

MINT UNUSED GHIBLI Helmets, was NOS, repainted BLACK.  

Japan Import CIC Laser Disc LD - Pilot MIP
  • In storage somewhere. Need to locate.
Canadian & USA Retail Pilot VHS Videos MIP
  • In storage somewhere. Need to locate.
1985 Street Hawk Lunchbox by Aladdin Industries.
  • Metal. 100% complete with the original Thermos and sipper.
  • Tough to find without any dings, nicks, rust or usage wear and tear!
  • My best friend bought this for my b-day present!!!
pics soon :-)
8 different MINT Factory Sealed 1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Rex Smith Pre production sample & retails rack toys
  • Card with some edge lifting from weak glue on some of them. Some bubbles exhibit light yellowing.
  • 1984 Fleetwood rack toys with one marked as pre production sample with dated sticker on the rear 2/1985 and a piece of velcro.
  • Model 203-60 Handcuffs with keys
  • Model 203-62 Shooting Range
  • Model 203-63 Binocular, Whistle & Compass
  • Model 203-64 Wallet
  • Model 203-65 I.D. set
  • Model 203-66 Super Lite
  • Model 203-68 Walkie Talkie
  • VERY RARE FEB 1985 PRE-PRODUCTION SAMPLE Model 203-93 Compact Arsenal Target set.
  • $299.88 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Binocular, Whistle & Compass model 203-63 SOLD


1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Handcuffs with Keys model 203-60 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk ID set model 203-65 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Super Lite model 203-66 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Shooting Range model 203-62 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Walkie Talkie model 203-68 SOLD
1984 Fleetwood Street Hawk Wallet model 203-64
1985 Fleetwood Street Hawk Compact Arsenal Target set model 203-93 Pre-production Sample 2/85 SOLD
  • RARE to VERY RARE??!!
  • Pre-production Sample label dated Feb 1985!!!
  • Not much else is known on this!!
1992 Funskool Street Hawk GI Joe HAWK The Man The Machine STREET HAWK 3 3/4" Action Figure with Motorcycle Made in India Licensed version
  • MOSC = MINT On Sealed Card
  • Some light edge color wear on the card, clean bubble with some light front scuffs you can try to clean or leave as-is, light creases on the card upper corners and hang tag area, NO bubble lifting and bright clean colors!
  • $100
  • SOLD
1984 Kenner Street Hawk friction bike with Jesse Mach rider MISB
  • SOLD
1984 Glasslite Brazil Street Hawk Moto Laser battery-operated motorized motorcycle bike
  • RARE Neatly opened from the bottom with the original shrinkwrap still intact and present.
  • 2 AA batteries required and not included to operate the motorcycle.
  • Clean sharp colorful beautiful box artwork.
  • $200
1985 Glasslite Brazil Street Hawk Moto Laser friction motorcycle bike MOC
  • RARE MINT Factory Sealed and carded
  • Light creases on the upper and lower left side of the card, clean uncrushed bubble and bright front and back card colors.
  • $100
  • SOLD


1984 UK Salters Scotland Street Hawk Adventure kit Children Helmet & misc. playset set
  • VERY RARE UNUSED in box missing cello window and broken belt as purchased.
  • 100% COMPLETE: Full face helmet with slightly tinted visor, gun with holster, Walkie Talkie, a pair of wrist guards and a belt broken in two.
  • I would use JB Weld epoxy or Gorilla Glue to fix. Will leave that to the new owner.
  • $199.88 shipped
Glasslite Moto Laser Brazil 3 3/4" Action Figure: Jesse Matt? Mach
  • SOLD
Bike Diagram copy not original from David Heilmann maybe?
  • Don't remember who gave this to us.
  • COPY not an original.
1985 Upright Manufacturers Inc STREAK HOT Motorbot Street Hawk knock-off Transformers like Motorcycle Bike with rider MIB.
  • Very heavy diecast and plastic used.
  • Look at the Street Hawk like logo.
  • A huge thank you to my sister's ex boyfriend Donald F.  for giving this to us!!!
  • THIS PIECE NOT FOR SALE as this was given to me as a gift!!
1984 UK Rainbow Toys Street Hawk Rex Smith rub-down transfer set MINT UNUSED set of 2
  • SIZE: 12 1/8" x 8 1/2"
  • $50 shipped
1985 UK Street Hawk Rex Smith Joe Regalbuto Motorcycle Colouring coloring Book
  • $40 shipped
1985 UK Cliveden Press Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle Play Pad book
  • Used complete with activities for kids with 3 pages colored in with markers
  • $23 shipped
1985 UK Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle Activity Book
  • [GRAY COVER] Used complete, 14 pages in pencil with 2 with blue markers
  • $23 shipped
1985 UK Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle Super Colouring Coloring Book
  • [PURPLE COVER] have pencil scribbles on front cover and 3 pages used inside with pencil and markers.
  • $23 shipped
1984 UK Salters Scotland Street Hawk Puzzle 2 versions
  • 2 different 1984 Salters Scotland 11" x 17" SIZE Jigsaw puzzles
  • 150 pieces each.: 1 is MINT with the puzzle pieces still factory sealed in plastic baggie while the other is loose and used but clean complete.
  • $45 SOLD
1985 UK Target Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle novels books set of 4 MINT UNUSED
  • Stored inside archival comic book mylar.
  • $25 SOLD
1986 UK Street Hawk Annual Book
Street Hawk Child's toy gloves (VERY RARE)
  • SOLD
1984 Colorforms Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle Adventure set



  • $38 shipped
1986 UK Ocean STREET HAWK Rex Smith Motorcycle computer game in cassette for the Spectrum 48K 128K
  • Bought this from a 2nd party so not sure if this item is NEW or UNUSED!! Untested!!
  • Some very light wear on the outer box.
  • $28 SOLD
1984 UK Rainbow Street Hawk Children cassette book set Fire Hazard and The Art of Soft Landing.
  • 2 different MINT Factory SEALED UNUSED cassette audio and 24 page  book combo set: Fire Hazard and The Art of Soft Landing.
  • $88 shipped
1984 UK Dekker Toys Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle Paint & Plaster set RARE UNUSED
  • Made in England with the paint brush Made in Hong Kong.
  • $100 shipped


5-6 lbs UNUSED 1984 Street Hawk Rex Smith Motorcycle cloth fabric Licensed by Merchandising Corporation of America, Inc
  • $160 SOLD
Vanity Fair Voice Activated Helmet
UK Dekker Halloween costume

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