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1989 Bluebox Batman Helicopter set -  
1981 Mattel Vertibird Mega Force box with instruction booklet manual
  • complete the incomplete with this.
  • This is just the box and instruction manual.
  • $69.88 shipped
2012 Spin Master Air Hogs Adventures sets Police Patrol & Fire Rescue Vertibird Verti Bird Helicopter
  • WOW this so reminds me of the Classic Mattel Vertibird from back in the 1970s!!
  • But cooler as you can turn the helicopter 360 degree multi-directional. Has pick up hook, cut-out buildings with targets, tons of accessories [20 pieces], launch cannons remotely, 360 degree rotation, easy storage and HUGE fabric playmat: 32.7" x 29.2"  
  • Each set requires 3 "AA" batteries not included

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