Vintage Walkman and related electronics collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


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Just some vintage electronics we found laying dormant at our adobe and stuff we found online :-)

EXHIBIT ONLY unless noted

Item description Item pictures
1972 Pioneer T-3500 Stereo Cassette tape deck
  • will be up for sale after cleaning and testing
1971 Kenwood KR-6170 Jumbo Jet AM/FM stereo receiver
  • will be up for sale after cleaning and testing
  • $428.88 shipped in the USA
BONTEMPI SK 153 headphones foldable with NOS orange earpads
1982 Realistic NOVA 45 headphones
  • We neatly took off the original black foam ear pieces.
  • Since no replacement foam ear pads are made anymore we had to think out of the box and make our own.
  • Will be using some misc makeup foam sponges.
  • Cut to exact 2" diameter and then cut that in half.
  • Will be repainting the foam pads with racing orange acrylic paints.
  • SOLD

Stock headphones as received. Tinkering with making my own foam ear pads.


Do not like the current ear pad color. Will be repainted with Racing orange paints in the future.

  • Beautiful piece of Walkman electronics history made famous and pulled into the lime light courtesy of Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
  • Purchased as non-operational.
  • Cleaned the head and rollers with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol and Q-tip swabs. Bought a cassette demagnetizer too
  • Full restored and everything works and plays perfect. Both belts replaced. Perfect sound. Been using an hour a day and motor runs quiet and strong.
  • Pushed out the dents on the battery cover as best to our ability.
SONY MDR-5a headphones
  • WANTED loose working or boxed
SONY MDR-CD5 headphones
  • Bought some broken ones with chapped and cut wiring.
  • Currently fixed and in perfect working condition.
  • Headphone driver cups have been cut down by the previous owner to be more earphone sized then headphone.
  • My only complaint is the very long enclosed wire. 10 ft long. Debating if i should cut down to wearable length.
  • Looks exact like the TPS-L2 minus the case color of BLACK vs BLUE and some other minor details.
  • NOTE: AWESOME MIX VOL 1 replica cassette tape is NOT INCLUDED!!!
  • Will include 1 set of UNCUT AWESOME MIX VOL 1 front and back labels. All you need to buy is an NOS TDK CDing2 60 minute cassette tape.
  • Talk-line button is silver vs orange.
  • Original black ear foam pads taken off and included. In EX condition and not rotting. Replaced with orange round sharp edge shaped ear pads.
  • Original retail SONY headphones which still works perfect on both left and right sides. Absolutely no breaks in the headphone cable.
  • Comes with the original MINT condition SONY EBP-500 2 "D" battery case.
  • Velvet RED plastic case is cracked at the top upper corners and were scotched taped inside.
  • Tough to find with the box and paperwork.
  • Some light paper foxing on the inner box. Paperwork in currently stored in an archival comic book Mylar bag! DO NOT Throw away! These are made to last 100+ years and used by the Library of Congress to archive rare historical documents.
  • Purchased from the original owner. I am the 2nd owner.
  • Some light scratches on the front and small tiny corner crack in the silver top bezel.
  • MISSING: demo cassette tape and black case strap
  • RARE VARIANT maybe!! Made in Spain vs Japan. How cool is that. My best friend is from Spain. 
  • matching serial number on the box and Walkman: 112471
  • Comes with all the paperwork shown with some original baggies.
  • Even comes with the original white foam protector piece
  • We pondering taking this apart to repaint into the TPS L2 colors.
  • We have NO plans to repaint and just use as-is.
  • A shame to repaint this piece of history.
  • Oct 12, 2014 opened up the back and the belts are stretched and dry rotted. Motors still spin.
  • Fixed by me on Nov 30, 2014 with brand new replacement belts from Germany and all related rollers cleaned. All buttons and functions works perfect!! NO stuck buttons or any weird gear grind noises. Have been thoroughly tested to play and sound perfect. Volume control is static free. Battery compartment strap is present with a perfect working locking tab and free of any battery leaks.
  • $299.88 shipped in the USA
MAEDEN MD-151 Stereo headphones
  • Made in JAPAN.
SONY FM WALKMAN SRF-16W receiver  
SONY WM-10 Walkman stereo cassette player  
SONY WM-AF64 Walkman radio cassette player  
SONY WM--F77 FM/AM stereo cassette player  
SONY WM-F41 FM/AM stereo cassette player  
SONY MDR-027 headphones  

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