2009 WATCHMEN Walter Kovacs Rorschach movie Halloween costume cosplay collectibles and memorabilia exhibit


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We are building the movie version vs the comic version. More research, pics and details to come :-)

Mask: Kwally heat sensitive Rorschach mask. Certain areas appear and disappear with your warm breath. Perfect hand painted replica. Hat: Rubie's costume version til we can purchase one from Texas Hatters Scarf: research pending
Trench coat: Rubie's version in temp use. research pending Pinstripe suit: research pending Gloves: Rubie's version in temp use til i can locate screen looking actual version
Boots: Timberland Chelsea style SOLD Grappling Gun: custom made by Bilious Works. Spring loaded firing. Currently stored without any spring tension for cosplay. Price was $650. http://www.biliousworks.com/modelmaking/html/grappling_gun.html
  • Weights in at around 1 lbs 15 oz.

  • SIZE: 14 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 3 1/8"

  • $500 shipped

SOLD Journal: Custom made replica from a fan in Malaysia. Weathered and looks screen accurate perfect!!! Very detailed. Price was $175 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZMhRj2pkBE


Pin button: 03 06 09 Warner Bros Paramount Watchmen PROMO pin button with bean juice File: Custom made replica of Walter Kovacs during his scene talking to the prison psychiatrist. Very detailed. SOLD MISC props: Rorshach's calling card, Rorschach FBI Wanted Poster, Gunga Diner AD, Pyramid Identification & Pyramid letter.
FOR SALE: 2009 DC Direct WATCHMEN Rorschach Grappling Gun and mask prop replica set Limited Edition #0576 of 1000.
  • BRAND NEW UNUSED. Opened for these pics!!

  • I pondered cutting the gun off from the stand to use for cosplay but too much $$$.

  • MSRP $295.

  • $318.88

SOLD Prop replica Hairspray 1980s era vintage flashlight. Found this in our home :-)

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