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1985 ENTERTECH LJN Motorized Water Backpack Laser Pistol Gun G1 Transformers Shockwave shape form NOS
  • NOS = New Old Stock UNUSED
  • The water gun pistol have some similarities to the G1 Transformers robot Shockwave!!??
  • Asking $488.88 shipped??!! Make an offer.
2014 NERF Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Peter Quill Element Gun
  • Selling our extras.
  • What we did to ours?: We are modifying ours extensively with 3D printed barrel extensions, filling in all the screw holes, sanding off the HASBRO marking, repainting with an air brush, adding carbon fiber vinyl film to the handle area. NERF guts have been removed :-)
  • 8 in-stock


Unfinished but a Work In progress: 3D printed upper and lower barrel extensions added, ca

NOS OOP Air Zone Blaster PUNISHER branded BLACK color old style 25 rounds ammo belt vs the newer GRAY color for comparison. ALL SOLD OUT!!
  • NOS = New Old Stock
  • OOP = Out Of Production.
  • Factory Sealed in original baggie is the PUNISHER branded ammo belt in BLACK.
  • NOTE: Newer GRAY version NOT INCLUDED. For comparison purposes ONLY!
  • Originally the PUNISHER ammo belt was 30 rounds plus the 2 non-op ones just to let one know start and then finish.
  • The newer 25 rounds ammo belt is gray in color and in a different design: front of the ammo holder is only half vs full on the older black model.
  • BRAND NEW SEALED in Factory baggie.
  • We bought a bunch a while back as the we wanted to daisy chain a long ammo belt together for my son's PREDATOR Blain Jesse Ventura Halloween costume. Cannot buy anymore from the company as it is ALL the newer gray style with the partial half opening in the front. Not sure if this design is better. Heard problems of the darts falling out more so from the newer design then the older. Email your thoughts and let me know.
  • TRADE OFFER: I would entertain TRADE offers towards a MISB, MIB or used loose excellent condition working Air Zone PUNISHER Blaster minus the ammo belt and darts.
  • 8 qty in-stock

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